Open World and Game Length

Currently, the game that I am hip-deep into is ‘Bloodborne.’ This game is amazing. It has a vast and complicated world that draws heavily on Lovecraftian horror to create a world and a history that is both engaging and terrifying. The unforgiving difficulty makes it so that you are driven to go through the grind and level up, so that you can lay the smack-down on a boss that has been giving you trouble. And when you do, it is so cathartic. Having never played the ‘Dark Souls’ games, we may finally be experiencing what they did. It’s a good feeling. But the real draw is the world. The mysteries and dark truths that are hiding just out of your reach. It’s thrilling, and terrifying. And just like in Lovecraft’s works, the more you learn, the more uncertain and unhinged you become, as a protagonist being pulled along by forces much greater than themselves.

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RJ920091197d ago

Vast???? Whaaa? Love the game but it's not vast at all. all other souls games have way more then this good but not vast....

DrumBeat1197d ago

Vast doesn't necessarily refer to how big it is physically.

brish1196d ago

What do you think is vast in Bloodbourne?

Dark Souls has: more areas, more bosses, more weapons, more spells, more enemy types, more character builds, etc.

Bloodbourne is an excellent game but Dark Souls is the bigger game.

1195d ago
Jughead34161196d ago

You didn't play this game did you?

RJ920091195d ago

Ummm yeah look up my tag rj2009! It's not vast at all demon souls has way more to do and see then this...

1195d ago
RJ920091196d ago

Brish you speak the true

sullynathan1197d ago

An open world game series that had good length to content ratio was gothic 1 and gothic 2 night of the raven. Both these games cold be beaten between 30 - 60 hours per playthrough and provided good enough reason to play again. They weren't too long or short and had a large amount of quests and things to do.

Truthfully, I think that developers exaggerate how many hours it would take to beat their game or how many hours it would take to find or do everything. I know that it didn't take me 300 hours to do everything in Skyrim. It was less than 100.

Perjoss1196d ago

" I know that it didn't take me 300 hours to do everything in Skyrim. It was less than 100."

Sorry to break this to you but, you didn't do everything.

PowerPlayaaa1197d ago

It's not just the best game this gen, it's even one of the best games of all Time.
Easily top 10.
This game is already a classic, been spending so much time with this game,about 200 hours, and I'm not even close to boredom, I just want to play more and more.
Can't wait for the expansion, and I can't wait til they announce bloodborne 2 :-)

jon_snow1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I hope they announce expansion or sequel in TGS. Imo , It is the best game this gen thus far.

cleric201196d ago

Am totally in love with Bloodborne - it's a compulsion I can't quit... I do need some willing co-op hero to help me crack the cursed chalice dungeon though! Having to fight with half you life bar is just so devious... anyway, can't wait for any DLC and one day Bloodborne 2 as this is a franchise that needs to continue!!

If you can help - I'm Cleric20 on PSN - hopefully see you online!

PowerPlayaaa1196d ago

I can be that co-op dude that saves the day :-D

DOOMZ1196d ago

Bloodborne, one of the greatest games I have ever played & I have been playing over 37 years

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