Rocket League Cheat Trainer Available For Download

One Angry Gamer "One of the most popular games of the summer is the Psyonix action-sports game Rocket League. The game has managed a cult following and has players from all over the world trying to master the game. Well, some enterprising individuals have made a cheat trainer for Rocket League that allows players to freeze the game time, utilize unlimited afterburners and even add XP to your profile."

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3-4-51193d ago

Thanks Blogjob....what a bad site.

ChronoJoe1194d ago

It's been available for a few weeks now. It's only due to articles like this that publicize its existence that it will become more frequently used.

scark921194d ago

Why do people do this?

CaptainSellers1194d ago

This really shouldn't be advertised, especially since there is cross platform play between the PC and PS4 versions :/

Ron_Danger1194d ago

You can turn off cross play in the options on ps4 so it's not a problem. Let the PC guys ruin the game for themselves.

subtenko1193d ago

I didnt know that, so Ive been playing with pc players the whole time

Ron_Danger1193d ago

Probably playing 50/50 against PC. If you have cross play turned on, look at the other players avatars. If it's not one you've seen in the ps store, chances are it's a PC player.

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