Why Trying to Reconcile the "Casual" and "Core" Is A Waste of Time

Thomcult: One of the biggest developments in the culture of gaming so far this year has been the identification and almost simultaneous denial of the gulf that exists between the casual (mass market) and the equally dubiously titled hardcore gamer. The biggest fumbling at E3 went on in those press conferences that tried to address this barrier. We all watched as both Microsoft and Nintendo desperately tried to convince audiences that they were working really hard at creating offerings for both these groups.

The biggest problem with these two markets is the fact that they were identified in the first instance. The gaming community seems to have talked itself into believing that there are these two distinct segments: one that likes guns, gore and graphics and another that prefers Brain Training with grandma and granddad. The truth of the matter lies not in what games these two groups want to play but the demographics that comprise them.

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