EVGA's YouTube Contest Extended

EVGA's YouTube Commercial Contest has now been officially extended. The contest was suppose to be finished tomorrow (July 31st), but now EVGA has decided to accept entries until August 24th. To date, there have only been 17 video entries.

This competition is being sponsered by 14 big names in the tech industry with over $25,000 in prizes at stake.


Make sure to check out the video in the article. It is one of the best submissions so far. The EVGA Pixels Commercial is pretty dang sweet.

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TiKiMaN13584d ago

I would have expected the PC Gaming community to have shown more support for this event by now, especially considering how many gamers love EVGA.

FantasyStar3584d ago

Maybe people are realizing that they can get much more money than just a measly 25k. Advertisement companies get paid SO MUCH more money and I think EVGA is trying to save some moolah.

TiKiMaN13584d ago

Well, no one who wins the contest will be receiving cash. Only tech related prizes like new computers, CPUs, motherboards, and video cards.