Crackdown 3: You Can Actually Flatten Out The Entire City, Use Rocks And Debris To Take Down Enemies

Female agents are also confirmed.

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Sonyslave31219d ago

Man I hope they let us customize our agents .

Mystogan1219d ago

This^ It was a bummer in that you couldn't customize. I also would like to see the wingsuit. Would be useful for escaping falling buildings.

KionicWarlord2221219d ago

Man its gonna be so great carving out swords or anything you want out of walls and throwing them as weapons.

I am still extremely happy and surprised Microsoft has brought back Crackdown 3 in a massive way.

The hype is real.

4Sh0w1219d ago

Yeah or carving stupid shiii like a bow and arrow that doesn't work, and of course we'll see tons of "penis" stuff. lol

-nah but seriously I don't think it will be that detailed considering your tool is a machine gun and besides, wouldn't it just break when it falls?

SonofGod1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

And people are comparing this game to Everquest Next and Red Faction: Guerilla? LMAO.

It's not even in the same league.

Volkama1219d ago

And Siri. I saw one chap compare it to Siri. Honestly, I'm not kidding.

Rookie_Monster1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Someone said it the other day "it has already been done in games like RFG and EverQuest Next"--- where they show one Golem knocking down a single stone house. LoL, the denial and try to proof it's irrelevance is just too much by showing things that aren't even on the same class takes dedication. Every gamer should embrace this as this is the next step in gaming instead of hating it because it is not on their console or brand of choice.

When that demo showing the player carving out the shape on that stone wall with the guns, the pieces of debris hit the ground and remains there and the carved shape of the stone fell to the ground with real physics, and immagine that and apply it to an entire city, wow..the possibilities this will have on not only Crackdown but future XB1 games as well. Truly the first next gen feature of this gen.

christocolus1219d ago


Siri? wut? Lmao :D

Pogmathoin1219d ago

The fact that people fear this game and what it might do for gaming, is truly hilarious! Embrace innovation, even if its on someone else's machine!

Benchm4rk1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

@Volkama and @Christocolus

Ahh yes the Siri comparison from Kingthrash360

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FoxyGotGame1219d ago

Looks slick, a stand out title at Gamescom. I would like to learn more of its SP too.

OllieBoy1219d ago

*In multiplayer

Which I don't really care about.

Volkama1219d ago

Bring back Don Mattrick! His always-online Xbox would have this destruction in single player!

What? Do I have something stuck in my teeth?

PhucSeeker1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Why would you want this kind of destruction in SP anyway ? I'd rather not being stuck on missions because i killed every NPC by blowing up buildings.

Volkama1219d ago

I would want this kind of destruction in single player mostly because this kind of destruction is awesome.

It wouldn't be a big challenge at all to design around the issue of maintaining some structure amidst the destruction.

Aces171219d ago

It's only on Xbox One so it's not like you were buying it anyway

Rookie_Monster1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"*In multiplayer, Which I don't really care about."

OllieBoy  +  772d ago
"PS+ is the best subscription service of all time. Go ahead, try and argue"

LoL, how can PSN plus be the best subsciption service of all time when most PS gamers like yourself don't like or want mp games and Sony complied with not having many mp mode included with their games while Live Gold members get multiplayer mode like Crackdown where you can destroy the entire city that can't be play anywhere else. Yea, that is the argument and ironically, you just proved it right here.

Bathyj1219d ago

You went through 2 years of his comments to find something you could use in an argument and them laugh at him like he's the raving fanboy? All he said was he doesn't like multiplayer.

I agree with him (big shock I know cos all us PlayStation guys think alike and agree on every subject /s), I would be more excited about this if it were in the single player portion. But that's just me.

Now go through my 7 years and 16k of comments to find something you can use in this topic even if I was talking about an unrelated matter.

4Sh0w1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Bathyj why do you care, its honestly not that hard and although you might agree with him Rookie posting that comment at least suggests somewhat of a contradiction....theres always a chance that he may only like PS+ for the free stuff I guess but if I were a betting man he plays online games also, if I'm wrong then apologies in advance OllieBoy.

At any rate I'm all for calling out ps fanboys who come to Xbox threads and the same goes for calling out xbox fanboys going to ps threads just to troll....or perhaps ignoring them will kill them quicker.

r2oB1219d ago

@ rookie monster

Perhaps he was specific in that he doesn't care about multiplayer for this game, particularly.

Perhaps when he was referring to PS plus as a subscription service, it was in regards to the games you get every month, which have nothing to do with multiplayer.

Perhaps, in two years, his perspective on gaming has changed.

Take your pick as to why the two comments have zero correlation.

The concept of a fully destructible environment seems cool, but you should wait until it is played in real world conditions before praising it so much. Concepts don't always work out to be practical. Take MAG for example, a game with over 250 players (something not experienced on Live), great concept but didn't really go as planned.

Bathyj1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Well Im all for pointing out hypocrisy, Im just saying cherry picking a 2 year old comment that wasnt said in regards to this subject doesnt really prove that. It seems like a pathetic and desperate way to prove your own point. Its like something a politician would do.

Can any person here claim they never said anything ever that doesnt contradict something they said recently?

I once said I dont like Pepsi. Now I say that I do. Am I a hypocrite or have my tastes just changed in the last 2 years?

And for the record, I only buy PS+ for the free games and discounts.

Rookie_Monster1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


Dude, I think you are getting the whole thread and responses confuse. I don't care if he likes mp gaming or not or he is talking about only about PSN plus freebies tbh. I am just putting two and two together and argued against his initial claim and challenge to us by saying "go ahead, try and argue against my claim that PSN is the greatest subscription in HISTORY" a bold claim, which I just did with a proper response that he and many PS gamers don't want mp and MS have more mp games and online tech like what we are seeing from Crackdown to add value to their subscription service and challenged that initial claim. It has nothing to do about him liking Pepsi and changing his taste and whatnot later on. That wasn't the point.

Also, this article is about the MP portion of the game and we pretty much know by now the physics cloud processing only works online and if you don't like it or want it, then just don't response with a comment like "*multiplayer, meh" as no doubt in anyone's mind what his intention was with that response; mind you this is the same member that posted in and submitted many anti-MS articles in the past including submitting the contaversial 1/5 review of Halo 4 from Quarters of three. No doubt that was borderline stealth trolling with his response here.

freshslicepizza1219d ago


"Can any person here claim they never said anything ever that doesnt contradict something they said recently?
I once said I dont like Pepsi. Now I say that I do. Am I a hypocrite or have my tastes just changed in the last 2 years?"

it all depends on whether or not there is a motive behind the comment. if someone doesn't care for multiplayer that is perfectly acceptable but if a person is just trying to discredit the game because it's on xbox one and they only support ps4 then that's a different story is it not?

let's not pretend members here try and discredit games based on the platform they reside on. I am not saying this is the case here because i don't want to take the time to look through the users history.

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AutoCad1219d ago

Power of the Cloud...
Still dont believe?

RiseofScorpio1219d ago

The new argument is: "b...but Red Faction Guerillas".

dcbronco1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Thanks for keeping people updated. Though some are just slow on the uptake.

Really the majority that fought against always on were just sheep. You never hear any whining about any of the always on games that have since been released.

Majin-vegeta1219d ago

Lol nope I don't.Until MS shows it running on actual X1 hardware.

KionicWarlord2221219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I hope you and others tech there using leave it be SLI titans or Fury x`s would be able to replicate the destruction you see in crackdown 3.

I mean this is fact. It would stutter and slow to a crawl.

Dave Jones showed the demo to ign and gamespot and they both played it off a xbox one.

Even if they had it on a pc, no pc that exist would be able to run the destruction like that.

I mean witcher 3 is currently the most demanding game with physx on

maniacmayhem1219d ago

Or Until Sony says they can do it, then everyone will believe.

Majin-vegeta1219d ago

@Mania Why you putting words in my mouth??I would say the same thing to Sony.Unless these companies can show it actually running on the hardware I won't believe crap.

You'd think if MS wanted to show and shut up all the haters they would have done this.

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neoandrew1219d ago

The truth is it is not the power of the cloud, it is only used to synchronize the world physics, but it is the xone of every mp player that process it, collaborative power of players xboxes process part of the world and sends to the cloud, every other xbox of players is doing the same, cloud connects it and sends back to all players, you can calculate something on cloud but in the end you need to display those calculations to player, so you really think that if one xone is able to display it, it can't calculate at least part of it? This is the whole point, 4 player mp, 4 xones calculate physics together using cloud connection. (which are dedicated servers)

Volkama1219d ago

Sorry to break this to you, but you are completely wrong.

Septic1219d ago

Yup absolutely wrong. Thats not how it works at all.

PhucSeeker1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Dang, if 4 Xbones can do this then an Xbone should be more powerful than the most powerfull gaming PC, let alone the Ps4.

neoandrew1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

@Volkama prove it then.

@Yup prove it then.

You can't prove it, and they can tell you everything, so my take on this is equally good.

You ARE WRONG, not me, you don't have any clue how it works, i'm a programmer, i know the stuff, there is literally no sense in discussing it, you don't have any proof, any at all, beside you silly answer.

@neiT720 Nope, it is a simplistic physics simulation, don't believe that those xboxes doing nothing, they calculate parts of the psychics.

NO ONE WILL PAY FOR SOMEONE FOR A CLOUD COMPUTING POWER, those servers don't run for free, if it is truth what they telling, the needed computing power will be tremendous, sorry to brake it to you guys but it isn't possible.

Also there are red faction games on PC with TOTAL destruction with no need of cloud servers.

Volkama1219d ago

Must be hard being a programmer when you lack any sense of logic. Seems quite a fundamental requirement for the role.

Perhaps you'd be better off pursuing something more... creative? Maybe absract gardening, if that's a thing. Or scooba diving.

PS I'm not sorry any more. I am quite glad I broke it to you. Your reaction was funny.

IrishSt0ner1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

This is totally the same as this

Wise up.

"NO ONE WILL PAY FOR SOMEONE FOR A CLOUD COMPUTING POWER ... the needed computing power will be tremendous, sorry to brake it to you guys but it isn't possible."

The servers do the calculations once as send the data to all players in the game, they don't calculate for each Xbox seperately. Also there will never be 100% load. You're delusional if you think one game is going to impact the performance of the whole Azure infrastructure.

All the technical information is out there, just because you're not well informed doesn't mean it isn't so.

neoandrew1219d ago


I don't see any proof coming from you, just more bla bla, no knowledge and it isn't funny.


SO no proof either, your are just lying and delusional i never said it will impact the performance of azure, but it will cost fortune, besides the xones are calculating this, not cloud, it only synchronizes it.

And stop posting you silly worst gif about red faction you can find, that is lame and not truth, just use your head there are plenty gameplays that shows TOTAL Destruction, it's older games but it is a proof, that any pc can do this. (especially know)

IF all the technical information is out there, then show me, with a technical proof.

IrishSt0ner1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

There's liteally bars in the top left of the video showing more and more off-site servers doing the caluclations, how you arrived at the position this means xones doing are the calculations is beyond me.

Please learn that you can change an opinion when presented with evidence.

There's a reason you got 0 agrees and 19 disagrees.

neoandrew1217d ago


Yes, the reason is people that have no clue what they are talking about, and those videos aren't any technical proof.

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TomLovesXBOX1219d ago

Lol lets just wait til it releases and there's millions of players using the "cloud" to run this game. If it works perfectly (which I doubt) then I will swallow my words. Microsoft is the king of PR stunts and I believe this wont work as well as people think. You will most likely need an EXTREMELY good internet connection for this to run flawlessly without lag or server issues. I would love to be proven wrong though. People love to hop on the bandwagon.

IrishSt0ner1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

You don't have Dave Jones (the co-creator of GTA) working on a technology for over 3 years, and build an entire AAA game as a 'PR stunt', I mean that's a ludacris insinuation as I'm sure you'll agree in hindsight.

They've stated this game requires 2-4Mbps, the average UK speed is 15Mbps, so literally you only need a fraction of the average internet speed for it to work.

Latency shouldn't be an issue as there are muliple Azure server farms located on each continent.

Really it's the network coding, on how it scales inside azure, is the only real unknown.. but this can and will be fixed with patches.

It's fair to assume that the first few weeks are going to be a horrible mess, that's why they say Multiplayer coming in 2016 probably in the form of an extended beta to stress test.

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