Watch Wipeout/F-Zero X’s Lovechild Fast Racing Neo in 60FPS Gameplay Footage

Players race in super fast vehicles around winding and dangerous tracks at breakneck speed. It really is a sight to behold and even more so when you see it running in all of its 60fps glory. Have a looksie at the video embedded down below. It's off-screen footage, but you can still get a real sense of the speeds being achieved in-game along with the rip-roar of the jet ship thingy-majigs' engines. - The Games Cabin

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PistolsAtDawn1197d ago

Looks sweet...anyone know what happened to that game "Redout" that was supposed to be like this?

chrish19901197d ago

They went quiet after the last trailer in March (I think March anyway.) Will keep an eye on that one, too, as if I remember rightly it was billed as Wipeout for PC?

PistolsAtDawn1197d ago

Redout? I know it's (also) coming to X1 through the [email protected] program.

chrish19901197d ago

Ahhh, now that I didn't know! Thanks :) I'll see what can be dug up in the next few days - more non-car racers are needed so badly.

PistolsAtDawn1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@Chrish below. Agreed. I like open world racers (Like Dirt and Forza Horizon) and racers like this that are blistering fast (and Mario Kart). However there was also a "racing" game that was announced at E3 2013 I think that looked awesome, I hope it didn't get cancelled. It was a very ambitious racing game, but like Wingsuit racing, Red Bull style airplane racing, boat racing, jet ski racing, and street racing....I wanna say it was called "Criterion" something, but I could be way off...I haven't heard anything about it since then, so I'm afraid it got cancelled...I think EA was making it.

Edit: I guess it was 2014

IIFloodyII1197d ago

It got a new trailer a couple of days ago.
Still planned to release this year.

Shnazzyone1197d ago

I must have this, why can't this be out now?

pcz1196d ago

its shamelessly rips off wipeout.

deafdani1196d ago

The irony in your comment... Lol.

Firstly: Gameplay-wise, this game looks to be more in the vein of F-Zero than Wipeout, lack of items and all that.

Secondly: WIpeout isn't all that original, either. F-Zero was a thing long before WipeOut even existed.

But whatever, keep being a hater for no reason.

Shnazzyone1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Difference: There hasn't been a good wipeout since 3. Also, no weapons. Wipeout doesn't own the monopoly on futuristic racers. We haven't had a good one in years and it's overdue. SURPRISE! Game genres are not owned by a single franchise.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1197d ago

Freakin' amazing.
Am I the only one getting flashbacks from the first time they played Episode 1 Pod Racer on the N64 when watching this?

Skate-AK1197d ago

Loved Pod Racer. Still have my cartridge.

poppinslops1197d ago

Did you ever play 'Extreme-G'?

It was an ultra-fast futuristic bike racer for the N64... each bike had a primary weapon (lazers, rockets, tractor beam etc) and there were powerups and boosters scattered about the tracks (which were pretty epic).

'Pod Racer' was absurdly fast... I'm pretty sure you could unlock the Millenium Falcon by beating the game, but I never managed.

ChickeyCantor1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Im getting a mix between extreme-g and (obviously ) f-zero vibe. But definitely extreme-g for some reason I can't explain.

poppinslops1196d ago

It's the tracks - especially the one at the 9min mark - they've got a similar futuristic aesthetic... FRN's courses also have a lot of verticle sections, jumps and drops and such.

The speed boost, even the design of the vehicles has an Extreme-G vibe... I really want to play this game!

wonderfulmonkeyman1196d ago

Are you kidding me?
Extreme G 1 and 2 took 6 months of my childhood all to themselves!XD

poppinslops1196d ago

Okay - I didn't even know there was an Extreme-G 2... now I'm filled with regret.

How the hell did I miss that?!

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hduce1197d ago

Definitely a must buy game for me. I think Nintendo should partner up and promote the hell out of this game. A physical release in addition to the download for this game would be awesome.

Maybay1197d ago

Shin'en could do a lot for Nintendo (I agree with everything you said).

Offer them reasonable pay (without silly restrictions) to be apart of the Nintendo family. They'd help optimize game engines, and makes games via eshop (retail also, depending on certain factors, like the title's content).

AKR1197d ago

Honestly, this is amazing.

I don't give a crap about what any 3rd-party dev says: Shin'en spoke it and awoken it! Whatever dark magic they use to achieve the results they do, I can only say, keep using it.

This game looks sick! It'll be the first indie title I pick up at launch!

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