Bikes gameplay from The Crew's Wild Run expansion | Team VVV

Team VVV writes: "We've covered the new monster trucks and dragsters from the upcoming Wild Run expansion for The Crew, now it's time to focus on the newly added bikes!

Alan takes to his bike very quickly thanks to its intuitive controls. Much like the four wheel vehicles in Ubisoft's open-world racer, the bikes have a distinct arcade handling feel to them. Alan enjoys his time on two wheels which gives him a great sense of speed."

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uth111196d ago

I can't believe how much they're adding in this DLC! Really didn't expect it.

Intranquill1196d ago

"Distinct arcade feel" means what exactly? More terrible controls?

I won't be purchasing this expansion unless they completely redo the handling to at least give me the option of a true, semi sim feeling. I realize this game isn't catered to sim racing fans, but the driving is on a whole other level of bad and it needs to be addressed head on.

uth111196d ago

There are updates to the handling and physics.

Tonykid1196d ago

Every time I hear this kind of complaining I get the feeling that said person just suck at playing said game.

OhMyGandhi1196d ago

between The Crew and DriveClub, I was really expecting at least one of these games to be damned amazing, and was sadly disappointed.

Have been playing the PS+ version of DriveClub and it's not as bad as I was expecting, but definitely not as good as I hoped it would be in the first place. While it's great that the game doesn't crash or have nearly as many online issues, the game is jaw droppingly beautiful but utterly average in every other regard.

Crowserk1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I like how every racing game seems to have wet roads, all the time.

Being in California, this triggers me.

jk - but seriously, this recent artistic-direction for the water on the ground with all these racing games is getting a little silly, no?

Tonykid1196d ago

We live in era where gamers only care about aesthetics instead of actually gameplay.

Crowserk1196d ago

Even the desert streets in the Las Vegas segement videos have wet roads lol.

Water. Everywhere.

Tonykid1196d ago

... I just noticed it...