Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Beta Weapons, Arena Mode Attachments, Emblem Making And More

Prestige is getting a big time makeover.

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Sarah_Ch1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I pre-ordered the game through Amazon and received the code after that I put it on the cod website but they didn't sent or notify me by email that I've guaranteed my access to beta. Is that normal?

objdadon1196d ago

I don't know, same thing happened with me with the my code from GameStop. I guess we'll see.

Crazyglues1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

The code is for you to go to the website and register it, then pick Xone or PS4 on the BO3 website and a code for your system will be sent to your email right before the beta starts... so you can download on your system

If you don't go register the code / No Beta Access

STARTS --> Aug 19th for PS4 - Xone and PC a later date....

To anyone who bought this Digitally there is no need for a code, you are already registered and in the beta, you will receive access on your system through the PSN or Xlive store where you bought the game, there will be a download for the beta right before it starts where the game is located on your Online store...

hope this clears any questions up.... enjoy the beta :)

Cha0tik1196d ago

Beta Keys will come in soon but only if you entered your Amazon key on the COD website. If you pre-ordered in any way then you have access to beta.

FITgamer1196d ago

Got a code for PC and PS4. I'm set.