MCV recommends Battlefield Bad Company

War is hell, but it's also bloody popular in the world of films, books and, indeed, video games. In fact, people blowing the heck out of each other has inspired some of the very finest films and books to ever be committed to celluloid or paper, respectively.

Likewise, the games industry has been treated to some acclaimed and successful war based games, with their the genre a stalwart of the charts for many a year now. And let's face it, we're never going to tire of sniping unsuspecting enemies, clearing bunkers of battalions of soldiers and embedding a rifle butt in the face of an opponent. And frankly there's no sign of the trend ending anytime soon.

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Bangladesh3667d ago

The in-game "ticker" is saying Conquest mode is getting very close. I can hardly wait, the pace of Gold Rush is starting to get tedious. Also the re-worked maps, weather effects, and the addition of middle-eastern character models will be a nice change.