3.5-inch HDD expansion, DualShock 4 battery pack and more Nyko PS4 accessories discounted

Several PS4 Nyko accessories have been discounted, including the Data Bank (which will expand the HDD docking space to enable support for 3.5-inch hard drives) at 16% off to $33.54 and the Power Pack(an external pack that add more hours of usage to the controller) at 36% off to $12.88.

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AstroCyborg1219d ago

i wish sony would just update the current controller with a proper gaming battery

Angeljuice1219d ago

You can buy a double capacity battery off of EBay for £4:00.

AstroCyborg1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

they should still improve upon it like the awful ruber sticks that peel off kinda what ms did with their elite controller & the extender makes the controller less compfortable

Lazyeye791219d ago

Anyone use the battery pack? Is it any good or unobtrusive?

psforward1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I have the battery pack and it works as advertised so far. It does add some weight to the controller but it's not too cumbersome.

tweet751219d ago

read the reviews before buying any of these. They are all great ideas that all have problems

Xbonewone320151219d ago

I cant understand why the battery is so poor in the ps4 controller.

Youre looking at around 5 hours before it starts to die.

The xb1 controller surpasses 50 hours on a full charge of cheap rechargeable batteries.

Being forced to play with a wire, on a supposedly wireless controller because your controller died of power is rediculous.

Ripsta7th1219d ago

Youre exaggerating
5 hours ?! At least 7-8
And who da hell plays for 7-8 hours straight?
As soon as im done playing my ps4 i connect it to the usb n leave it charging

Angeljuice1219d ago

7-8 hours action gaming or up to 20 hours with strategy games.

I do often play for more than 12 hours straight though.