Top 8 Nintendo Franchises

411mania: Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. With Iwata’s passing a few weeks ago, I wanted to try and come with a fairly pro-Nintendo column. Arguably, Nintendo has some of the strongest franchises in gaming today, even if their console sales are a tad weak, and Iwata was certainly a major part of Nintendo’s success. With that said, I wanted to list some of the Nintendo franchises that I care about. I have two big ones missing here, mainly because I haven’t played them a lot, Pokemon & Fire Emblem. Neither one particularly interests me, but I know each has their fans, especially Pokemon.

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ameliabaz1198d ago

Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros for me.

MNGamer-N1197d ago

My Top 5:

Fire Emblem
Mario Galaxy / 3D Mario / Mario

Everyone has their favs of course. These games are the reason I keep coming back to Nintendo no matter what. I will play new games in these franchises until the day I die.