Final Fantasy XV’s Story Beginning Showcased by Beautiful Illustrations: Luna’s Role Explained

During the Active Time Report broadcasted from Gamescom, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata showcased the beginning of the game’s story with a batch of lovely illustrations from the development team.

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sssb1196d ago

So glad they will released in 2016 after long waiting, also Tabata mentioned they will open gate to release date at PSX in latest of this month.

UltimateMaster1196d ago

It's just a guess, but it could be possible that the FFVII remake is coming out 2017.
It would be 20 years from the original.

Stokedup1196d ago

Good point!
Wow I can't believe I was 12 years old when I first played that game, times flies by!

Becuzisaid1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

One thing that has me super excited about this is in an interview with IGN Tabata said they were trying to take FF back to its roots. While the setting isn't necessarily an all fantasy backdrop, I get the vibe that this game is going to be like those during the height of FF.

What I still would like to learn about is the magic system, other characters that may be party members, and the variety of locations we'll be traveling. How many small towns, how open world is the game actually, etc.

-Foxtrot1196d ago

I like the look of the game, much better then FF13 but from what we've seen it's not going back to it's roots....anything but.

Becuzisaid1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I feel the combat system is really the major difference. Don't know enough about world or story to say it's really different. What stands out to you, other than combat, that is different from older games?

_-EDMIX-_1196d ago

Open world, air ships, towns.....that is very much FF roots and was stated even when FFXIII Versus was announced that its core concept was that of older FF's.

Combat may not be from older FF's, but most FF's didn't have the same combat to begin with, but most did have open worlds and airships you could travel in real time with.

TricksterArrow1196d ago

"Stella was better" comments incoming.

ZeroX98761196d ago

I preferred the look and design of Stella VS Luna, but that's it. as a character, we didn't get much info so maybe the changes are for the best.

Let's hope we hear a lot about Luna at PSX :)

franwex1196d ago

We will never know....unless we send a D-mail!

Eiyuuou1196d ago

Enjoy watching Mayushi die then...

gamer78041196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

This game has me worried, since this game was first announced all of the 3 mass effect games have been released... The game is about 65% done , and after releasing a demo, they change a main character and remove her from the game. RPG games with intricate stories need to be thoroughly thought out from the beginning, changes made in the early stages, but at over half way through production?

This game just doesn't look as exciting to me. A bunch of guys riding around in a car who pull over to kill monsters... In the demo, one of the quests is to get gas for your car.

just my opinion.

Becuzisaid1196d ago

In FF 7 one of your missions is to cross dress. In FF 8 one of your missions is to throw a concert for a jerk. In FF 9 one of your missions is to... Wait, that game is perfect. In FF 10 one of your missions is to pop balloons with a chocobo.

gamer78041196d ago

lots of people have very fond memories of FF7, i am one of them, but my memory does gloss over the parts of the game that weren't so great. This game could turn out to be good, but so far its troubled development and what i've seen so far has me worried.

Man_Marmalade1196d ago

You forgot jumproping with Vivi in FFIX

_-EDMIX-_1196d ago

Thats nice and what have all 3 Mass Effects manage to pull off? They fully open world?

Call me when Mass Effect is like Star Citizen.

Your not only comparing two different games, your comparing something that is way, way lessor to complete vs what is FFXV concept. Open world, with airships, with towns, this concept today is something that is extremely difficult to actually pull off as to why FFXIII was linear and garbage.

I'd rather get 1 masterful game, then 3 crappy games any day.

FinalFantasyFanatic1196d ago

To be fair, some of his concerns are legitimate, personally I do consider FF15 development to be quite troubled. Thankfully the demo of the game does put me somewhat at ease and assure me that we won't have a repeat of Duke Nukem forever with this game.

I wish some things had been done differently (e.g. different outfits for the main characters instead of the boy band look) and I would have like development to have been significant shorter the what it has been. I'm feeling pretty confident about the game overall but the wait is off putting.

Also I considered the Mass Effect games to be pretty decent romps for shooter/rpgs. As for FF15, it might have been better to scale back their ambitions but I don't care too much for open worlds personally. I just like the story of the game to point me in the general direction of the next area and if I end up deviating to explore a little, that fine. I've still got my fingers crossed for a good game.

F0XHOUND1196d ago

Although you can't compare..... mass effect is not crap! You're in the minority if you think so too. The ending was shit, but 90% of the trilogy was fantastic!

Greyfoxdbz1196d ago

I thought the story was about Noctis and his friends going on a road trip and scouting for pussy in a fancy car. Gosh i was way off the mark.

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