Video unveils more details on Mafia 3’s open world and melee combat

In an interview with Xbox Daily over at Gamescom, Hayden Blackman from Hangar 13 talked about the game's story in relation to its open world, in addition to the game's unique melee combat.

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smolinsk1194d ago

It's like they vant to show how bad and ugly the mafia really is, not liking it.

cleft51193d ago

I dont know if you played Mafia 2, but the mob didnt get portrayed in some friendly light their either.

******Spoiler WARNING*****

The mob betrays the main guy and splinters into a drug dealing faction. They try to kill him and eventually his best friend is murderer by the side that rescues the main character despite the fact that he betrays the crime boss he worked for in order to protect his friend.

******Spoiler Over**************

So this idea that the Mafia hasnt been portrayed as bad and ugly just isnt so. This is nothing new for them.

morganfell1194d ago

"We really didn't want to turn our backs on what made Mafia great..."

But you did.

And that blonde girl is beyond annoying.

mafiahajeri1194d ago

Looks like she's high on sugar

Dealey1194d ago

Haha, definitely looks that way. I'm generally a fan of Julia's work, but she seemed a bit too hyped in this xD

scark921193d ago

For some reason, a good hosts characteristic must be: Be enthusiastic af xD

scark921193d ago

I just hope its real good, and a remaster of the first game would be cool.

Lamboomington1193d ago

Can we just not have cars that explode when you touch them ? xD

Driving into another car should not cause it to instantaneously explode... oh well, I hope that was just in that demo, perhaps it will change :P