Should Final Fantasy VII Get Dramatic Changes?

411mania: Cue a ton of internet hatred coming… Something that many of us that write about video games knew was coming, is already getting a ton of nasty verbiage on the internet. The people in charge of developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake have come out and stated that “Dramatic changes” will be made to the combat system. Tetsuya Nomura says that the game will still be recognizable though.

Do you think the game could still work today with the Active Time Battle system? What are some of the changes you think could happen? Is there anything about the game that could use changing (it doesn’t just have to be about the battle system.)

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Becuzisaid1223d ago


Now, more importantly, should the n4g community continue to keep passing these redundant should-they /shouldn't-they opinion blogs for the next 3 years until the game releases?

Godmars2901223d ago

To your question: no.

Will it actually happen: also no, unfortunately.

MasterCornholio1223d ago

Depends on what those changes are.

Timesplitter141223d ago

Making any changes to FF7 would be a huge risk, but the original FF7 will always be there so they might as well take that risk and try to give us something refreshing, rather than just giving us an HD remake

Cha0tik1223d ago

Keeping FF7 the same would also be a huge risk as well though. As amazing this game is... it's a different time. If they recreated the same game exactly as it is would be a waste of resources for them. We (the long time fans) would buy it but we would be buying it just for the nostalgia. If they remade this game while trying to capture the humor and intense story that this game had as well as maintain those feels would be a bigger accomplishment for them because it would capture the old fans as well as bring in new ones.

skeetys1223d ago

No, it should still be turn-based combat. Nothing new should be added besides better cut-scenes and graphics.. Maybe a couple of tweaks and improvements, but nothing that changes the game.

ninsigma1223d ago

That would be a remaster. The new one is a remake. For better or worse, I'm expecting plenty of changes to game play.

ninsigma1223d ago

This is a remake, not a remaster. If they wish things to change then so be it. I'm interested in how it will be different more than anything. The original is there for the nostalgia trip but the remake will be an interesting and bold new step into a familiar world. I'm excited :)