​ Just Cause 3 Preview: Everything Is Better With Explosions [NDTV]

NDTV says: "Be it using a grappling hook to ascend to higher ground while firing rockets, or skydiving through its checkpoints, Just Cause 3's controls felt near perfect. There was a sense of fluidity and responsiveness in the game's controls. It allowed for an amount of freedom that lends credence to the game's promise of letting you destroy everything in your path."

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BG115791195d ago

Mickael Bay would be proud of that title...
Hence, I would concur with explosions everywhere make the Just Cause better.

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poor_cus_of_games1195d ago

To me this looks way more fun than crackdown 3.

jb2271195d ago

Aint just you....I'm not a big mp guy personally so when it comes to open world mayhem I'll take a dedicated JC3 campaign any day of the week....those guys at Avalanche are the kings of open world chaos...honestly I have more pure fun playing the JC series than I do GTA. Just pure fluid frenetic fun.

1195d ago