Ninja Theory: We’ve Been Lucky That We’ve Been Able to Survive

UK-based independent video game developer, Ninja Theory, considers itself lucky enough to have survived in the industry following some commercial failures. Despite a decent reception, neither Heavenly Sword nor Enslaved: Odyssey to the West sold as well as the developer would have liked. Despite this, it secured a deal to develop DmC: Devil May Cry for Capcom, which may just have come at the right time for the studio

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Aloy-Boyfriend1140d ago

These guys are cool devs. Too bad their games get obscure by other games, and the DMC controversy didn't help either. Here's hoping their next vames succeeds and someday they make Heavenly Sword 2

Summons751140d ago

Yeah so cool to insult gamers and other devs just because they point out a bug or make a better game then them....

They're right, they are very lucky they have survived with their unprofessional attitude. I still refuse to support them long before DmC happened but that certainly cemented it.

SmielmaN1140d ago

I would love HS2. Enslaved was better than I thought too. They are pretty good.

phoenixwing1140d ago

Heavenly Sword is way underrated. Definitely a fun game. The DmC controversy didn't help even though it was a solid game if you're not being a fanboy.

Dravidian1140d ago

I can't talk about DmC since I haven't played it, but I loved Heavenly sword. Gameplay was solid (though slightly floaty at times), the story was interesting, and characters wer freakin brilliant imo.

I'm excited and want to see more of Hell Blade.

robtion1140d ago

MS or Sony should snap these guys up if they are at risk of closing. They are AAA devs and could churn out some great exclusives.

_-EDMIX-_1140d ago

They are not bad devs, but their games are sorta a hit or miss. DmC didn't really help with that and neither did Enslaved. Hellblade looks amazing, but I question if it might suffer from some of the same issues their previous titles have had.

I can't really had the AAA title to them, they are like AA and a half or something lol. Production is always great with them, the quality of game play is always something up to question.

BG115791139d ago

It would really be a good deal for the company that acquires them.
I hope these guys end up doing games for a long time.

SolidGear31140d ago

Enslaved was one of my favorite games last generation.

Relientk771140d ago

Heavenly Sword
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
DmC: Devil May Cry

I love these guys and I hope they stay around

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The story is too old to be commented.