Xbox One Combos with 40″ Samsung TV For $500 at Best Buy


"Starting this week, Best Buy is offering a Black Friday-esque deal, where you can buy a Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection Bundle along with a 40-inch Samsung Smart HDTV for only $500. Given the Xbox is priced at $300 and the J series Samsung 40-inch is at around $430 – you’re looking at ~$280 in savings (provided you’re planning to buy a TV around this size anyways). The caveat is that you’ll only be able to find this combo deal at your local Best Buy, given the online stock sold out within 20 minutes as the deal went live earlier this AM. So if you’re interested, we recommend heading to your local store ASAP."

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FamilyGuy1221d ago

I don't even want an Xbox One but I'd buy this deal if they had it in store, it's insane o.O

Pwnage2u1220d ago

The deal is for in store too. Just make sure you have the right tv and xbox when checking out

indyman77771220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I was tempted to think of a excuse because I already have an xbox one. Now if this was the new 1tb version I would do it anyway and give my 500gig to a relative.

This is a STEAL, like they are giving them away. Jump on this I'm sure they are selling out of this bundle FAST!

I recently bought the UN65JS000 so I have a high end tv and a cheap 55inch 4k tv just setting in my 'office/second bedroom'. If I didnt have a good tv I'm sure I would be more tempted.

sonarus1220d ago

I want an Xbox one but good on the 40inch Samsung

UltimateMaster1220d ago

@ZaWarudo. "That's a crazy deal"
0 Disagrees with your statement.

Revolver_X_1220d ago

Lol @Sonarus

I was thinking the same thing. That is a great deal for a TV plus X1, but I ain't messing with Samsung. They can keep that.

ifistbrowni1220d ago

I remember when I bought my Xbox One 3 months after launch for $500 and got zero bonuses with it...

Now, my Xbox One is semi-broken. When I stream video, my xbox automatically shuts down (completely off, not "rest mode") within 10 minutes of watching any streamed video. Microsoft wants $120 to fix it.

Seriously, the biggest waste of money ever. The console is good, but my timing for buying it was absolutely awful.

Truthandreason1220d ago


come on bro you got the Kinect!

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3-4-51220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

umm wow...I could use the TV, but already have an Xbox.

THIS is a great deal though.

I'd do it for the TV, and sell the unopened Xbox back on ebay for $450 and included an used game in there.

If it was PS4, I'd be all over that.

antz11041220d ago

You could always have two for separate rooms, or if you really don't want the XOne you could always ebay it. Either way that's an insanely great deal.

Erik73571220d ago

whattt a stealllllllllllllll

thisismyaccount1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Apparently this is the tv model, the Samsung J5500. At least it has with LED ...

ITPython1220d ago Show
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Bigpappy1221d ago

This would have make a nice holiday bundle. It is a great money saving starter kit.

ZaWarudo1221d ago

Anybody got an alternate link?

ZaWarudo1220d ago

Thanks but i ran down to Best Buy and bought it!

Now i'm currently trying to resell the Xbox One with my old HDTV for $400 Muhahahaha!

indyman77771220d ago

@zawarudo....tell us how the tv performs....does it have lag? It is 1080p and is getting perfect reviews on as of the time I'm posting this. I just wonder if it is good for a gaming, especially fps like Halo.

ZaWarudo1220d ago

@indyman77 It is indeed 1080p 60hertz

I played Guilty Gear Xrd with a friend (we got good internet) and experienced no lag. My only problem is the UI for the smart functions. I'm still trying to figure it out as i type this.

ZaWarudo1220d ago

Update: lol stupid me... The smart functions are accessible by simply pressing the Smart Hub button on the remote, lol.
The video quality and sound quality are great, i just booted up Black Ops 2 and it was fantastic. Can't go wrong with Samsung.

I also just sold off my old HDTV and the Xbox One for $420. *Happy dance*

elarcadia1220d ago

It is 1080p, but it is only 60 fps so keep that in mind.