Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Is 4-6 Hours Long, Not Going Physical Unless Sales Are High

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture developer The Chinese Room has replied to one of their fans when he asked about how long the game will offer in terms of exploration.

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Player1241197d ago

This and Vanishing of Ethan Carter are the hidden gaming gems of the PS4 this summer.

freshslicepizza1197d ago

the vanishing of ethan carter came out on the pc a year ago, will everyone's gone to the rapture be $20 as well?

Mostafeto1197d ago

For the amount of content, $20 is on point

TwoForce1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Of course, it's 20 dollar. Because it's indie. It's kinda longer than journey. Journey is about 3 hours.

Revolver_X_1197d ago

Rapture was $15 for plus members before the weekend, when I purchased it. Not sure now.

smashman981196d ago

16 if your ps + subscriber pre ordiering

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PC_601197d ago

It looks good but what do you actually do in this world?

nucky641197d ago

agreed. I'm having a lot of fun with ps+ game styx too! I'm hoping we get release dates (soon!) for rime and the witness.

BallsEye1196d ago

too long game is not great for me but 4-6 hours is way too short.

spoonard1196d ago

Maybe Ethan Carter went to the rapture...?

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-Foxtrot1197d ago

Steelbook please. The art could be amazing

Player1241197d ago

Yeah imagine getting all the art of this game. It's really beautiful.

x_RadicalAura_x1197d ago

Steelb00kz are annoying. You practically breathe on them and they find a way to get scratched, dented, dinged, etc.

-Foxtrot1197d ago

Well that's funny because I have over 100 of them and not a single scratch on any of them.

You get a nice DVD tower and you put them inside.

That's it

Most of them have dust on mine but that can easily be wiped off.

TWB1197d ago

Then again, I would argue they are also more durable.

Sure they get scratched and bend but guess what happens to plastic case if applied too much force? They break and plastic being the softer material, would probably get scratched more easily.

I dont have much experiences with steelbooks considering I only have 2 but my first one doesnt have a single mark, the second one (that I bought second hand) has scratches like every other second hand game I have seen but the outer chasing was intact. I come accross PS2 games that have broken cases pretty often. This steelbook was slightly bent and wouldnt shut properly so I carefully bent it back to proper shape. Its fine now.

Scatpants1197d ago

Also a pointless additional expense.

nucky641197d ago

oooooooo - hadn't thought about an artbook......I'd LOVE to have that!

-Foxtrot1197d ago

I think it would be a good trend.

Ether One got a Steelbook and it looks great

JMaine5181197d ago

That's a good length to me. I'm really eager to play this game.

Player1241197d ago

I don't think it is. I thought it would be a bit longer at least be 8-10 hours.

ninsigma1197d ago

With games such as these I think you'd get fatigued by them if they were too long. The vanishing of Ethen carter was really short (like 4 to 5 hours) but was brilliant. Having said that, if it was too much longer I'd have probably gotten bored.

TwoForce1197d ago

What would you expect ? This game is indie. Not fully triple A games.

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SquidBuck1197d ago

It's $20 lol what do you expect

johndoe112111197d ago

You're expecting a brand new 10 hour game with this level of graphics to be 20 bucks?

nucky641197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

with ps+ sub, the game only costs 15.99 - how is 4-06 hrs bad at that price?

edit: not to mention the game is absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Kribwalker1197d ago


The way people talk about it all the time I would have guessed it was a AAA title

lobocob1196d ago

what the hell does that even mean

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ameliabaz1197d ago

Me too. I'd rather play a great short game than an average long game that is bogged down with needless filler.

AndrewLB1196d ago

Ahh! Last time I heard someone say that was when we found out how short The Order was. Rapture seems to be using the same pricing strategy of $20 for every 4 hours of gameplay. I see no point in supporting games that deliver so little content for that kind of money.
Most of these indie studios have small staffs and generally very low cost overhead, but their greed is limitless. Charging $60 for a 12 hour game is just as insulting as 4 hours for $20.
Then there's devs like CDPR who have huge cost overhead yet they release a $50-$60 game with over 130 hours of gameplay, and every bit of it is awesome.

_-EDMIX-_1196d ago

@Andrew- " I see no point in supporting games that deliver so little content"

Content quality by length is subjective. I know folks who buy COD games for the story...legit.

"Then there's devs like CDPR who have huge cost overhead yet they release a $50-$60 game with over 130 hours of gameplay"


Its because its an RPG, Persona 3 and 4 are about 100 hours long, I put well over 120 hours in FFX and FFXII.

That is like saying, Batman isn't a quality title...its not 100 hours.

Stop adding up hours and making it seem as if that some how means some universal understand of quality.

I've played 5 hour games that where amazing, I've played 200 hour games...that were amazing.

I mean...that is like saying Portal 2 isn't worth the money because its a short game.

I very much played $60 for Portal 2 and even bought it twice, once on PS3 and again on PC.

The reality is, content is not SOLELY judged by time, its really judged by quality.

You can very much have a bad game that is very, very long. What does it matter that its a long game, if its just chalk full of problems and redundant missions filled with fetch quest?

I mean....have you not factored that many games have not done that purely for the damn sake of respect to their audience? Do you not get how easy it would be to stretch a game's time merely by adding in many, many filler quest?

" Charging $60 for a 12 hour game is just as insulting as 4 hours for $20"

Nope, what is being done in those 12 hours or 4 hours? I'm sorry but you can't just rate a game based on minutes, that just the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Base it on the quality of the content, how long it is has no real factor to me, its really how good is it.

Playing a pile of crap doesn't just get better over the course of 200 hours lol

Onimusha 1 is about 5 hours long...still one of my favorite PS2 games.

Spotie1196d ago

Well, y'see, Andrew, that's because it's only become recently that shorter games have even NEEDED defending.

For generations, what mattered was the experience you got out of a game; the only time a title's length might be questioned is if it dragged on, or didn't really finish up before it ended. It's only become a recent thing that a game not reaching a certain number of hours is a bad thing.

Germany71197d ago

Already pre-ordered the game.

Mostafeto1197d ago

I have a couple of friends who did just that but I prefer to wait till the reviews are up.

_LarZen_1196d ago

That is as always the smartest thing to do.

pasta_spice1197d ago

That's a good length to me. The older I get, the less free time I have to play super long games anyway.

Khronikos1197d ago

True and I still have Witcher on PC to get to. I don't want these to be longer. Some people are insane to think modern productions from indie studios should be 8-10 hours long lol.

uth111197d ago

Some people seem to have no job or no lives outside of gaming I guess. It's the only explanation why so much disappointment when a game is 'only' 6 hours long.