Treyarch "Torn Apart" Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Engine to Achieve Beauty at 60 FPS

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a really beautiful game. It ran really smoothly at Gamescom, and it looked great. Design Director David Vonderhaar explained why.

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KiwiViper851196d ago

I don't see too many people excited for this game.

iTechHeads1196d ago

It's got a lot more hype than any other shooter coming out this year, on any platform.(Example: #6 on best-sellers right now in Amazon, months from release)

Beta is in 10 days too and that's when the hype will really start rolling.

AstroCyborg1196d ago

of course theres alot of pre orders you get a beta now the real question is how many will cancel the pre order post beta

GearSkiN1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Pretty sure halo 5 has more...
I'm excited for the zombie tho.

OverdosedWitDopeness1196d ago

Battlefront is what I'm hyped for way more than COD can't say much about halo cuz I don't have a xbox one yet.

morganfell1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Call of Duty says bye!

This game will be the 2nd biggest seller this holiday behind Battlefront.

Erik73571196d ago

Ughh battlefront,Halo,and a few others come to my mind with a lot more hype and quality to them for fps.....

reallyNow1195d ago

oh snap, how do i get into the beta?

n4gusername1195d ago

Regardless if you like the game or not or if everyone thinks Battlefront looks great, CoD will still be the top sold game in 2015.

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demonddel1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

The folks that really care about it they jump ship on them the difference is with that is theres no crying or boycotting them just no excitement

objdadon1196d ago

Lol don't worry, it will sell more than ghosts and advanced warfare. I've been down on the last two cods but ol faithful treyarch always delivers!

nucky641196d ago

possible spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm into it just for the zombies - I have a long-time team that have played since WaW. and even with them nagging me to preorder, I was on the fence till I saw richtofen kill himself in the "giant" vid. that, and the SoE preview sold me. throw in MP and co-op campaign mode and this is an incredible value.

label me "excited" - I can't wait to play SoE and der riese remake.

Majin-vegeta1196d ago

Beta starts next week on PS4.Just a heads up.

Insomnia_841196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

There's no hype for COD anymore. Ppl just buy it. I don't get hyped about it but I go out and buy at midnight.

ninjahunter1196d ago

I look at what they have shown and it just strikes me as:
"Hey look, its like that one call of duty that just came out that people didn't like, but with slightly better mechanics."

Also quickscoping has been shown to be in the game, and i really don't have time for a competitive game where i have no input whether i live or die in something like 30% of the gunfights.

0to1001195d ago

because it's a copy & paste job of BO2, that explains the 'torn apart'

Kryptonite42O1195d ago

I think people would be happier about that.. especially seeing as how black ops 2 is the most voted for game for the backward compatibility on the X1.
black ops 2 was the last cod that I actually enjoyed.

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Majin-vegeta1196d ago

I'm still skeptical about it but next week we'll see if my gut is right or not.

bmf73641196d ago

id Tech 3. Look it up. Call of Duty has been been stacking mods on it since Cod4.

bmf73641195d ago

Activision claims that they modded it got the point it's not id Tech 3 anymore but the source code still remains

Chaosdreams1196d ago

*old man voice*

I remember back in the old days, when things were fresh and new. When developers didn't lie, and actually put their all into something they cared about. Oh, it was beautiful, like evergreen as far as the eye can see. Those were the days...but this "torn apart" engine is just the same old thing.

Whipper snappers think I am blind to this fact?


objdadon1196d ago

Lol, I'm a old man myself, but trust me, I'll take today's games over the old ones any day.

Mystogan1196d ago

At the disagrees. Can you really say you prefer playing COD 1(with shitty graphics and all) over COD BO3?

PistolsAtDawn1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Hopefully BO3 isn't like the IW CODs and AW...where the more you try to use actual real world proven tactics the more you die and the player with the highest score isn't the best player...just the one that uses the cheapest tactics. COD has really gotten to the point with all this futuristic stuff that it really just rewards the players with the least talent....pick and OP gun and just run/jump/dive/dance around, then shoot an explosive at your feet and kill the other guy.

Name Last Name1196d ago

I hate how the game pushes you to run n' gun. People who take their time to play any other slower paced style get thrown to the bottom of the scoring list. If I went 15-0 why should I be below a guy that went 30-30 running around careless.

KyRo1196d ago

Rainbow Six is going to be the game for you judging from this comment. It's a lot slower than COD but it's so much more rewarding killing someone than in COD (except maybe SnD) as once they are dead they are out for the round in the modes try hvae shown so far.

I still do like COD as much as Ive hated the last two, Treyarch has never let me down so far.

Unreal011196d ago

Even though it's not very realistic, there's more skill running and gunning than there is camping. Anyone can get 15-0 if they play it realistically, it's just classed as camping.

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