The Armchair Empire Review: Race Driver: Grid

The Armchair Empire writes: "Enter the world of competitive racing, not just open wheel racing or even street racing, but every variation of racing that you can imagine. You start off as an up and coming rookie and after showcasing your talents to different racing teams; as a fill-in driver, you will make enough cash to bankroll your own team. As you earn more money, you can earn faster cars and winning nets not just more cash. It also nets profile and sponsorships, which in turn leads to more money. Everyone with me? Good. As your team makes more money, you can afford to have teammates – which theoretically nets you more money (if they win – still waiting for that to happen). Anywho, you can enter your team in all sorts of competitions straight racing, challenge races (2-leg races against individual opponents), demolition derbies, drifting competitions, and all sorts of other four wheel action… not that kind of action, this isn't GTA you know. Each of the three zones (North America, Europe, and Japan) tend to have their own brand of racing styles and as you gain reputation in that area, more events will become available to you."

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