Mafia III or Grand Theft Auto: New Orleans

GamingSoFar: GTA – this three-letter acronym for many years grips the imagination of millions of players worldwide, while arousing envy of competitors who probably never accomplishes brands of the AAA segment of such firepower. When the first Mafia debuted in stores, Rockstar series only build up its power – Czech studio Illusion Softworks it easier to enter the market gangster stories and gain a large crowd of devoted fans. But keep in mind that the success of this game not only testified that she appeared at the right time. Despite many common features, the Mafia was something what Grand Theft Auto could only envy him. They put primarily on the story, we offer unconventional solutions, such as the need to drive in accordance with the rules, and also had a construction typical of adventure, and not for sandbox, which for years has been consistently associated anyway.

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