Lilian Garcia Revealed As WWE 2K16 Announcer

Lilian Garcia has just announced on her Twitter page that she will be the main announcer in WWE 2K16.

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Moe-Gunz1137d ago

Nice! Game is shaping up well on paper.

TeamLeaptrade1137d ago

Nice, who did they have as the announcer for the last games? I thought it was that one guy who the WWE let go out of the blue.

xwilldemise1137d ago

Kool, needs some Eden & Jojo aswell tho

RedTriangle531137d ago

Is this really considered gaming news?

PaulKersey1137d ago

Have you read some of the other stories posted on this site?

RedTriangle531136d ago

Fair enough. I just rarely expect sports gossip to follow me when I try to escape into videogames. Hardly seems the appropriate medium for discussing celebrities.

1137d ago
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