This Is How I, a Grown Man, Became Addicted to Nintendo’s amiibo Figures

Vice: A few months ago, I found myself staring warily at Nintendo's online catalogue of amiibo figures. I'm a massive fan of the Star Fox and Fire Emblem series, so naturally my cursor was hovering over the Fox and Ike figurines. They looked great. Ike with his long red cloak and powerful stance. Fox and his big bushy tail and smarmy grin. I remember dragging them to the basket and yanking them back out at least a couple of times, cursing myself for even considering such a vain and stupid purchase. These figures are largely pointless, Jon. It's a waste of what little money you already have. But I gave in, bumbled my address and payment information into the fields and pressed the yes please send me these stupid infantile figures before I have the opportunity to change my mind button, and a couple of days a later a bloke from Yodel waddled them onto my porch.

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spicelicka1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Umm I don't see whats there to be so proud of. Just wasted money something useless. I don't understand people obsessive personalities sometimes,

I can arguably say I'm just as big of a fan, if not bigger, of the halo game franchise, but I have NEVER let myself get carried away over stupid money making shit like this. This guy needs to keep the materiality obsession at bay.

jholden32491225d ago

Dude, fans of video games sometimes like to collect and display their favorite IP. It may be vane, but it's not a waste if it brings you enjoyment each morning you wake up and see a beautiful collection on a shelf.

And at least these $13 figures unlock content in basically every 1st party Nintendo release since the last New Years, as opposed to many $50-200 figures and statues that give you squat.

Spotie1225d ago

Isn't the content usually menial?

And isn't there rampant scalping of various models?

Pozzle1225d ago

The same could be said of any interest or hobby though. Some people collect stamps, or teapots, or wrestling memorabilia. It might seem useless and pointless to most people, but the collectors get enjoyment out of it. Hell, many people think playing video games is a pointless past-time and a waste of money, but I'm sure most of us on N4G would disagree with that!

Crowserk1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

That's cute.

So this was posted not to long ago in a private smash group on facebook...


This person clearly has problems LOL