FIFA 09: A visit to EA Canada ; tons of new infos

FIFA Soccer Blog:

"Well all I can say is that FIFA 09 is truly where next gen football begins."

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dale13667d ago

major ps3 content nice,now if pes 2009 doesn,t get its act together i can see fifa taking its crown in a big way

haphilli3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I love the FIFA series. The only sport series that I can play more than two weeks.

Nice to see quitters will be penalized.

androctonvs3667d ago

Lets see if they keep the "player who has the ball can pause" rule.

If not, it will be almost impossible to quit with no penalization, without the ball.

I'm buying PES AND FIFA this year.

ManOnFire3667d ago

with you haphilli. After seeing the improvments with the UEFA cup game I am looking forward to this.

micro_invader3667d ago

Nice find. It's good to know they're improving the pace of the game, that's one thing I didn't like about the last one and a ps3 exclusive mode? Wonder what it could be.

Calluk3667d ago

I LOVE FIFA, i h8 Pro evo, FIFA FTW, were witnessing the best years by far of the fifa brand

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