Motorstorm Images - Final Jap Build

Check out these images from the final version of Motorstorm. The game is now looking much better than the Playstation Store demo. Also we might even see further improvements made to the US and Euro version which will be released March 2007.

Note : shots are taken from a tv, not direct feed.

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MicroGamer4327d ago

That mud doesn't look natural. It looks hard and shiny like plastic and it doesn't cling to the tires of the vehicles in a realistic way.

Master of Menace4327d ago

Hey, maybe it isn't real mud!

Arkham4326d ago

"Hey, maybe it isn't real mud!"


Bill Gates4327d ago

STFU're such a biased fanb!tch..hahahha

By your logic, the same can be said of Gears of War you dumba5S, and GoW is a great looking game. So just shut the fu(k up u LOSER!!

SimmoUK4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

OMG LMAO at Micro talk about petty. I don't know what your talking about anyone who can see a foot infront of them knows that looks amzing and loads better than anyone thought it would. now that right there is nect gen looking it makes everything else look like dirt. no pun intended ;)

MicroGamer4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

your expectations aren't very high. Look in the first pictures with the aerial view of the tire tracks. The mud looks horrible in that picture and the closeup of the truck tires. The tires look like chocolate covered donuts.

djtek1844327d ago

cant wait for online play!

m234327d ago

That looks pretty nice.