5 Times Game Companies Charged for Game Prototypes

Carl Williams writes, "Videogames are not new to the idea of there being problems after the game has shipped. For proof of this, just look at the more modern games for countless pieces of proof of game companies charging for prototypes. The number of games being patched to hell and back after they are released is staggering, and a bit sad really. Gamers today are probably used to paying to be guinea pigs for game developers, the problem is it wasn’t always like this. There was a time that games were released after something called “quality control” was supposed to be implemented, developers found bugs and squashed them before shipping the game (when they had time that is). Gamers could, almost, always rest well knowing that when they plunked down a fair bit of cash for that latest game that it was complete and as the developers intended it to be. Here are five examples of when that was simply not the case. While some of these games were good, they were flawed in many ways and...

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