Pocket Gamer goes hands on with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on iPhone

As you would expect from an iPhone iteration, The Force Unleashed introduces an inventive combat system that has you attacking enemies by tracing the pattern displayed above their heads. For example, a clockwise loop over a storm trooper's head signifies that you need to draw that figure with your finger on the touch screen. You don't have to draw the shape directly above an enemy; instead, you're able to use the entirety of the screen as long as you draw the correct shape.

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Fototherapist3645d ago

So, we'll be able to buy The Force Unleashed in the App store? It makes you wonder what else is on the way.

marcellizot3644d ago


Every indication is that this is just the beginning. Though the App store already has some awesome puzzle games like Trism, the big boys with their 3D bells and whistles are well and truly on their way. Don't believe me, just ask John Carmac...