Halo 5's Theme Music is Dauntingly Good, Listen to 15 Minutes of it Right Here

Halo 5: Guardians is just a few short months away and ahead of its full release on the Xbox One this October 27th, there has been another multiplayer beta for players to get involved with in an effort to ensure the game ships in as good a condition as possible.

Strangely, then, the Halo 5 beta has received an update that added some fifteen minutes worth of music to the game's menu. It's really quite remarkable to sit back and listen to and the music's composer, Kazuma Jinnouchi, has done a great job at capturing the epic-ness that we've all grown accustomed to. - The Games Cabin

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StrayaKNT1195d ago

Halo has always had an amazing soundtrack. I can just listen to this all day.

chrish19901195d ago

I'm normally quite 'meh' when it comes to game music, but even I have to admit this one gave me goosebumps.

4Sh0w1195d ago

Yeah I listen to this music last night in bed, it put me to sleep like a newborn listening to a mothers lullaby. Just amazing music.

General Shrooms1195d ago

Good in its own right, but mediocre compared to Martin O'Donnell's work with the first few Halos.

Erik73571194d ago

This one actually reminds me a lot of halo 2-3 and I think this one is better than halo 4's soundtrack.

General Shrooms1194d ago

agreed, I found Halo 4's soundtrack to be completely forgettable and simply bad.

TotalSynthesisX1195d ago

It sure is odd that 343i bothered updating the beta 7 months after it ended. Makes me wonder...

Elit3Nick1194d ago

I think it's just a small treat for people that kept the beta install

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The story is too old to be commented.