Ghost Games explains why Need For Speed Always is always online


"Remember back in the day (2013, to be precise), when a next-gen racer not only looked trouser-stirringly good, but stood as a genuine step forward in connectivity? Both Forza 5 and a certain first-party racer on PS4 had their always online functionality touted like it was a wave of the future, but such a boon was soon lost amid negative reactions from gamers."

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TwoForce1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Nope. I'm not gonna read it. This is PR excuse.

Bansai1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Well I read it and I still don't see any solid reasons why it couldn't be also offline.

I skipped last 2 NFSes, will skip this one too, the series is dead for all I care.

egidem1197d ago

I think it's time they gave us another Burnout, since it has always been (to me) the better arcade racing game.

They've pretty much milked the NFS series to death. In fact Burnout Paradise which launched more than 7 years ago still has an active online community.

Blaze9291197d ago

Weakest excuse in the history if excuses. What he answered has NOTHING to do with the actual game. Forget Autolog - who cares!?

egidem1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It would be generous to even call it an excuse.

oasdada1197d ago

most wanted and rivals among other nfs's had seemless MP experience.. not to mention burnout paradise had it and still was playable offline.. what a load of bullshit..

Retroman1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

not address to u oasdada

Marcus neilson said ghost games listen to NFS fans. oh?? really why autolog still a feature, why can't you play offline, why there not a 2 player offline mode. im very sure noooooooo NFS fans begged ghost games to offer always online .

as a partnership with criterion games marcus neilson should have known "always online" is a bad ideal working with criterion's hotpursuit/mostwanted,rivals. all 3 games FLOPPED!!
ghost games don't have pucking excuse .

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EazyC1197d ago

Shocking. How could they screw up this bad?

SniperControl1197d ago

It's just another excuse to tempt gamers into microtransactions, not surprised coming from such a greedy company like ea.

ea, no one gives a puck about your autolog/battlelog crap, if anything it's a major inconvenience.

This game will hopefully flop bigtime.

pompombrum1197d ago

Sad thing is though, EA seem to have made a fair few improvements since they got rid of their former CEO. Sadly decisions like always online though is two steps forward, one step back.

Dario_DC1197d ago

Thanks for the heads up, another game that won't get my money...
Racing games always online is just stupid and dumb. It's a freaking racing game, I'm so sick of "Always Online" bulls**t!
The last NFS had the same problem... Insert "server migration" message here!

Mostafeto1197d ago

I don't want to be always online ffs. What if I am at the beach or something and I still want to play ? I really hate some of this gen's "always connected" mottos

freshslicepizza1197d ago

they should be able to offer an offline mode and there is no excuse why they can't. if a game has a.i. opponents then it can be offline. if it's an mmo where you just race with friends then that's a different story.

chrisx1197d ago

Total BS. This always online thing is senseless and I'll def not purchase this game

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The story is too old to be commented.