What Are Thooooose? The 5 Ugliest Shoes in Gaming

Following the Vine trend of asking "What are those?" when presented with appalling footwear, IndieRuckus takes a look at the most hideous shoes of the gaming world.

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3-4-51142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

* Really? Resorting to E-fashion tips as Gaming news ?

This reaks of tabloid middle school level bull shay.

brimby1142d ago

Try and have fun sometimes, buddy. It's the weekend.

ninjahunter1142d ago

Lol, if they sold them i'd totally sport some shoes loaded with guns.

Scatpants1142d ago

A shoe with a tazer in it actually sounds like a great idea.

brimby1142d ago

You might be onto something there.

xwilldemise1142d ago


Real talk, Bayonetta's heels are firee though.

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