MSI Confirms The 980 Ti Lightning at Gamescom 2015 Conference

WCCFtech reports that MSI has confirmed the 980 Ti Lightning, giving few details but still confirming it's in development.

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Dynasty20211199d ago

Unlike Sony and MS, Nvidia and AMD are producing such competitive hardware trying to best each other constantly, forcing down prices and creating fantastic deals for consumers.

GameBoyColor1199d ago

$700+ just for these gpus alone. Big money but i still want to get a pc. I just wont be able to spend on the upper range cards lol.

starchild1198d ago

You'll be fine with something quite a bit down from that. In fact, you'll be amazed at how much better games can look and run on PC. Something like a GTX 970 will give you utterly fantastic performance and won't break the bank. But many cards below that level will also give you very solid results.

Volkama1199d ago

Lol not sure MSi's lightning range is the best example of forcing prices down :)

brando0081199d ago

I'm building a rig this week, though I could never afford this hardware

jmac531198d ago

I think the 970 is the sweet spot. I can't justify spending $500+ for a graphics card that will be bested in a year or two. For the price of the 980ti card I can get the 970 now and in a couple years get the newest architecture card.

starchild1198d ago

That's true. I have a GTX 970 currently and it's a really great card.

However, the GTX 980 Ti does have its place for high end gaming. It's an enthusiast level card that is a good alternative to two 970s in SLI. It gives a similar level of performance but is more power efficient and cooler and quieter than an SLI setup. This kind of performance is needed if you want to run modern games at higher resolutions like 4k or 1440p (or multi-displays), or if you have a 144hz gsync display like I do and want to run your games at the higher framerates.

Yeah, you pay about twice as much as a gtx 970 for about 50 to 75% more performance, but that's not so bad if you're needing that kind of performance. And the GTX 980 Ti will also likely be more powerful than the GTX 1070 (or whatever they call it), just as the 780 Ti is more powerful than the gtx 970. Unless Pascal GPUs really are a significant jump, the GTX 980 Ti will probably be more powerful than the gtx 1070 and not too far off the GTX 1080. Which isn't too bad considering you're going to be able to enjoy the advantages of the GTX 980 Ti today instead of waiting 8 months, or however long it takes for Pascal to get here.