E3 '08: Square: Game Informer Discuss The Publishing Powerhouse's Hardest Hitters

Last week during E3 Game Informer had a chance to sit in on not one, not two, but three Square Enix roundtable discussions. Each of the intimate chats involved up and coming titles from the publishing powerhouse, including talk about Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope, Infinite Undiscovery, and The Last Remnant.

Roundtable Participants:
Yoshinori Kitase: Producer, Final Fantasy XIII
Meagan VanBurkleo: Game Informer Online
Joe Juba: Game Informer Magazine

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Laexerias3637d ago

Why dont they ask for the Release Date of THe Last Remnant for the PS3? And why dont they ask if there will be a Star Ocean Port?
If they would be fair to every platform why dont they share the Exclusives!?
Okay Star Ocean 4 is the Versus 13 for Xbox360.. so why not sharing Infinite Undiscovery? B/

monks3637d ago

i personal think Star Ocean 4 will come to the ps3 as the other Star Ocean where on the playstations i could be wrong but thats what i think

now Infinite Undiscovery is a diffrent story being a new IP so who knows maybe we will learn more at the SE event soon

Laexerias3637d ago

But i didnt want to start a flaming contest against me. Star Ocean 4 is a Platin-like Exclusive for the Xb360 Owners and Infinite Undiscovery is a new IP, so there are many doubts, i dont care which of them comes to the PS3 but one should at least come! ( i hope Star Ocean 4. )

B-Rein3637d ago

SE did say that they are NOT SIDING with any companies, if a ps game star ocean remains 360 exclusive that means SE jus LIED!!! and are untrusworth and a really bad company

tako20003637d ago

To tell the truth I don't think SE give a damn about what they said...

So better not raise your hope

juuken3637d ago

B-Rein, I really don't trust Square. They could be saying one thing, and a pile of money is right in front of them.

I want to know what their so-called big announcement is.

Corrupt3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Microsoft owns the Infinite Undiscovery IP since they funded the games development.

cellypower3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago ) Publisher(s) Square Enix. Theres prolly a timed contract between MS and SE,But MS does not own the IP.

Corrupt3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I'm fully aware Square are now publishers. Tri-Ace and Microsoft teamed up to create an original IP. Microsoft was publishing the game but allowed Square to take over the duties.

Edit: Since Microsoft was the original publisher, they still hold the intellectual property rights for Infinite Undiscovery.

'Ctrl + F = Infinite Undiscovery' should end the port speculation.

B-Rein3637d ago

i totally agree, SE are liars, i can no longer trust em, 1s my fav company now my worse but i have the biggest collection of square enix game and i feel as if now they are wrothless, plus i was lookin forward to more of the ps games but....sigh...

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beavis4play3637d ago

if square would spend as much time devoted to actually MAKING the games instead of talking about them then we would probably have the FF games by now. i've gotten tired of listening to this bunch tour the interview circut. just give us the games square and shut up.

mistertwoturbo3637d ago

I like how they asked about how the fanbase feels about Star Ocean going to a completely different platform, and he basically just sweeps the question under the rug.

Le-mo3637d ago

I doubt Square-Enix cares about the fanbase of Star Ocean at this point. Even if it flops on the 360 they're still making money off of Microsoft paycheck.

gano3637d ago

How since the e3 setting of a xbox version of ff13, the same stories/questions/reminders are being thrown out. When it was a ps3
exclusive u didn't get this much info let alone interviews about it.
There are no new trailers, or info just the same dumb a$$ questions,
and theories on a release.

I guess it's fun to mock no?

VsAssassin3637d ago

Before, I was really an SE fan. Even when people got turned off by the Chrono Cross game, and lots of rants were thrown about, I didn't care. But now, I'm more focused on the gaming circle that I simply cannot ignore the kind of direction they're taking.

I still don't care if they release tons of JRPGs for both consoles. Heck, they can bring VsXIII to the 360 for all I care. The thing is they said that they want to be fair and want to cater to almost everyone. Why are they taking their sweet time to announce SO4 as a PS3 game, too?

I was so pissed when I learned that FFXIII will be multiplat, but only for maybe a day, I guess. Now, my confused judgment on SE has turned into 'I don't care anymore' attitude.

Let's see what kind of 'shocking' news they will deliver in their party this weekend. I know SE's party doesn't feature 360 anywhere. But who knows? Maybe the shocker is the unveiling of future FF mainstream titles to be MS exclusive. There I said it.

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