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The Swindle is a fun romp through Victorian London, and the feeling of getting away with the heists is one that never gets old, but the game is brought down by some questionable design choices and some technical issues. If it’s a decent roguelike you seek, you won’t regret taking a look, but if you’re craving for the next Spelunky, take your thievery skills elsewhere.

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GamerGabs1077d ago

I'm quite a big fan of rougelikes, so might have to give this one a look.

Yukes1077d ago

So many roguelikes, so little time!

LoveSpuds1077d ago

I have seen quite a few videos of this game and I really like the look of it. I have added to my backlog list to make sure I dont forget it, quite excited to play this actually, just need to finish Galak-Z first (which is incredible btw).

Joystickero1076d ago

You will definitely have fun with The Swindle!