Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades

Announced at Nintendo's Pre-E3 2008 Media Briefing, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades will be arriving on NintendoDS before the year is out in the US. No European release has been announced, but it's expected either at the same time, or by Easter 2009. Having stated that Guitar Hero: On Tour had shot straight to the top of their US best-seller list, Activision were, quite obviously, cagey about the details, but what we do know, and what Electronic Theatre endeavoured to find out for you, can be found below...

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dadice3639d ago

There's WAY more detials here than on any other site I've read!

mgirl3639d ago

This is going to suck! It's not Guitar Hero without a Guitar!!!

sistersnake3639d ago

I thought the first one was ok actually. Wouldn't bother buying another, but if my BF wants one I'll get him to wiat and get this instead.

Digi-Man3639d ago

Whyb the hell have they announced it so early?! The first one hasn't even been out a month yet in the UK!!!

altredeemer3639d ago

It better have more than twenty-f*****g-five tracks!!!!!!