Forza Motorsport 6 Damage Test: See How Badly You Can Smash Up a Gorgeous Ford GT on Xbox One

If you’re curious on the visual damage in Forza Motorsport 6, look no further, as today DualShockers had a chance to test it at Gamescom.

Of course, there’s no better way to test damage than to run the car against every wall and every other vehicle in sight, so get ready for a rather painful video below.

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KionicWarlord2221199d ago

Wow at 5:11 it really shows this dude wrecked the car lol

Abriael1199d ago

And I was driving with one hand and filming with the other :P

FlexLuger1198d ago


Im a bit jealous ;)

I just loved seeing all those tyres flying around too.

Bigpappy1198d ago

Built Ford tough!

In fairness, we don't know if full damage settings were enabled in the demo. Something to look out for in the final release.

Abriael1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

@Bigpappy: They were. I asked to a Turn 10 rep there, and he told me that the damage settings were being fine tuned still, but what's in the demo was close to final. He also told me that it depends a lot on car, because different manufacturers give you more or less leeway on how much you can wreck their cars.

Incidentally, the demo also allowed you to set functional damage on and off. The filmed run was with with functional damage off (I actually set it on, but the demo reverts to easy settings with each run automatically). In the second run (the one in the screencaps) it was on. There was no difference for visual damage, but with functional damage on I did the last stint of the track limping and wobbling at 10 km/h.

MrsNesbitt1199d ago

my god, think of the insurance premiums...someone please think of the insurance premiums...awesome vid!

crazychris41241198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Poor visual damage has always been my biggest gripe with the Forza and Gran Turismo series. Problem isn't the developers, it's the car manufacturers who don't want to see their vehicles smashed to little pieces. I don't know how Codemasters get the ok but both The Forza and Gran Turismo devs need to work out a deal with the manufacturers to push the visual damage. I'm talking doors flying off, spoilers being ripped off, wheels locked up in the gender and more.

GenuineGamer1198d ago

Yeah its a shame they cant do more, specially on new cars like the poster ford gt cant really be damaged much. When you play with older cars they usually get bent up a bit more but nothing like what you're talking about unfortunately. Oh well i race clean to win so not a biggie for me lol.

crazychris41241198d ago

Codemasters and slightly mad studios have shown better visual damage with licensed cars so don't see why turn 10 and polyphony can't negotiate similar damage in their games.

Dee_911198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I think it's been disproven numerous times since 2010 that car manufacturers don't prohibit extreme damage on cars in video games ( so long as cockpit stays intact if I remember correctly). Its a decision made by the developers for whatever the reason.
Kazunori himself said it was his decision to make the damage minimum in gt6. They are in the mindset the game is for racing, not crashing. Gran Turismo 5 had a decent damage model but was toned down throughout its lifespan. The rally cars and nascar cars had the best damage model.They are capable of making extensive, realistic damage model but theres a numerous amount of reasons why they don't.

iceman061198d ago

From what I have heard, at least with other devs, it's more of a manufacturer thing. Each one tends to have different preferences as to how much damage they want their particular cars to have. So, either the devs have some cars with full damage and others restricted. Or, just go with what most of them do now...scrapes, slight dents, and cracked windows, but not a huge amount of true damage.

Dee_911198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Well, I can't speak for every sim dev out there but both Kaz and Dan have been on record in the past saying the damage is for either a design or aesthetic reason not because of car manufacturers. There was more info on the legal/ contractual terms car manufactures present to developers, I don't completely remember, but really the car manufacturer don't care, at least with PD because of how big GT is in the motorsport world.

GenuineGamer1198d ago

The new ford gt looks more like a space ship than a car lol

Kiwi661198d ago

To me it looks like it has cosmetic damage on as if you try crashing like that with full damage turned on you wouldn't get that far around the track

Me-Time1198d ago

You're right, though the video was only showcasing the visual damage.

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