Godzilla Review | Good Game SP

It is such a shame to see the King of the Monsters in such a mess. There may be a large roster of monsters to unlock, but to do that you have to replay the repetitive campaign again and again, collecting video recordings. This is a sad day for Godzilla fans.

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l33t_haxx0r1220d ago

I live in mirror land, 10/2 this game must be amazing!

Eterna1Ice1220d ago

I bet you love Big Rigs.

Lon3wolf1220d ago

Wouldn't that be 10-4 (showing my age lol)? :D

l33t_haxx0r1220d ago

I love it when they spill there oil all over me

WeAreLegion1220d ago

If you are an actual Godzilla fan, play the game. It's wonderful. If you aren't, don't bother.

maniacmayhem1220d ago

I seriously doubt Godzilla fans would like this game.

Godzilla Melee was the last great Godzilla game.

MadMax1219d ago

Longtime godzilla fan here and its the best godzilla game to date! These millennial hipsters reviewing the game have absolutely no clue what makes a great godzilla game!

They just don't get it or have never watched a true 60s or 70s Kaiju flick! 9 out of 10 for me!

WeAreLegion1219d ago

Exactly what MadMax said. I'm a millenial, but this is an excellent game. Just check out the Godzilla subreddit some time. Lots of us love the game.

Orionsangel1220d ago

This looks like a throwback to a 90's video game show. Now it's time for the video power edge review!