Naruto Storm 4: Boruto, Sarada, 1 Hour of The Last Characters Gameplay

From the 2015 edition of the video game trade fair, Gamescom, which is currently taking place in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany comes new footage of Naruto Storm 4.

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Dinkleberg1011224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

wait a minute am i missing something or do i only see 13 CHARACTERS? i swear every time they release a new naruto game its a piece of sh!t

i bought ultimate ninja storm 3 and it was the greatest out of all
then i bought the revolution and it was a shit lag fest with no campaign even tho they promised

DragonDDark1224d ago

I don't think this is the last build for this game... Do you think there will be a Naruto game without kakashi, Guy, Lee, gare etc.?

kingPoS1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I wash my hands of this series. It's like a moderately good movie that's been stretched far past two hours. Just when you think the movie's over, It ends with a cliffhanger that you know, you just KNOW will turn into one sequel after another.


I've got nothing against Naruto. I actually don't mind it that much. But then came the fillers, whole arks of them, season after season, complicating the story's details to the point where you forgot where the plot is even headed.

OK ranting a side, the game in all likelihood will be a sure hit for Naruto fans and sell gangbusters. Don't let me, some guy who's grown tired of it's excessive flashbacks stop you from buying this game. I pretty sure it won't include those, relatively sure.

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ONESHOTV21224d ago

wow click bait video lol were the hell is bolt and sarada and 1 hr of it lol.

Jag-T10001224d ago

Boruto. How original. Who thought of that stupid name. Almost sounds like Bruto (witch means dumb in Spanish.)