More photos, release date and preorder discount for the Seagate Xbox One Game Drive

The release date, as well as more photos, have been listed for the upcoming Seagate Xbox One Game Drive.

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kingofhalo20501196d ago

I just hope that these drives are not marked up 100% like the launch 360 drives. My 500gb is running low, almost 80gb left, and I will need to pick one up for this fall.

Intranquill1196d ago

You can almost bet they're going to be. Why not just get a cheap 80$ 2TB that's found regularly on Amazon? These are gonna be for the super casual who don't realize you can even do that and think you'll need this super special green edition.

Benchm4rk1196d ago

Yeah you can definitely pick up a cheaper one else where.

Revvin1196d ago

Almost feel sorry for the people who will click past the standard 2TB Seagate drive and buy the overpriced official version. Im using the standard Seagate drive on my Xbox One and it's great.