Eurogamer Hands on: Crysis Warhead

Eurogamer writes: "Remember Crysis? Crytek's lavish hymn to frozen jungles, nano-machine upgrades and casual illiteracy was the game that gave you a whole archipelago to mess around in, rendered down to the last grain of sand. It was the game that was meant to push graphics technology so far into the future that most PCs would burst into flames the moment you put the disk in the drive. And it's also the game that, less than a year after its release, is already getting a follow-up.

Even by publisher EA's standards, this is something of an achievement. Surely serving up foliage-heavy tropical mayhem on a yearly basis is rather different to grinding another product out of the Madden machine? In fact, the speed with which Crytek Budapest is working seems faintly fishy, especially when you see the polish and quality of what the team has produced so far. Isn't making games of this scope supposed to be difficult?"

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