Dishonored 2: What Should the New Game Do to Survive the Modern Market Climate?

"When “Dishonored” came out in 2012, it was a huge hit. People were praising its gameplay, art style and storytelling, and for many gamers, the title was pretty much perfect in every aspect. Sure, it had its flaws here and there – most notably in the fact that its gameplay was somewhat one-dimensional despite trying to portray itself as giving the player multiple options – but in the end, the overall package was a fantastic deal for every gamer that loved shooters, stealth games, RPGs, or combinations of those.

Now, three years later, the landscape has changed significantly. “Dishonored” quite clearly inspired various titles that came out after it, and the different nuances of its gameplay were then explored in detail from all possible angles. In the end, if a game like the original “Dishonored” came out today, it would probably be a blip on the radar and wouldn’t be noticed."

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bixxel1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

IMO it will win GOTY for sure. (STOP !! before you hit 'disagree' remember it's just my opinion)

The devs were so sure that this game might impress that they got scared that this might dethrone Fallout 4 if shown at E3...

Sureshot1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I didn't hit disagree but your saying it will game of the year simply based on a GCI trailer.

bixxel1226d ago

No. It's based on the original Dishonored. That has so many overwhelming good things you could just get crazy. Even NOW new mechanics are being discovered (at reddit.Read this too:

Liqvid1227d ago

I didn't disagree because I loved the first one, so there is a chance it could be GOTY in my view, but what you said in parenthesis is nonsense.

Are you saying that your opinion cannot be disagreed with? Like you said, it's your opinion - and some people will agree, others will disagree with it. That's the whole poin of the buttons.

-Foxtrot1228d ago

Corvo should have a massive gun with a grenade launcher attached /s

ironcrow23861228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I wouldn't mind going over the original again but im not sure if the dlc is good enough as i wouldn't mind getting the remaster in few weeks

lashes2ashes1228d ago

The dlc is almost better than the main game.

Roccetarius1228d ago

I'd say the DLC is better than the main game as well, but it does tie into said main game.

camel_toad1228d ago

All Dishonored 2 needs to do to "survive the modern market climate" is be itself. The first one was a fantastic surprise and it's obvious the devs didnt just get lucky because it just had way too many great things going for it. Ive got total faith in them with the sequel.

WildArmed1228d ago

Exactly, it already is it's 'own' game.

Just don't try to be anything else, we love dishonored for being dishonored.

Blaydyn1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Needs micro-transactions, dlc locked on disc and it definitely needs a season pass. It's the only way that ancient IP will survive these days.

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