The Taken King is Destiny "evolved"

Bungie's lead concept artist, Jesse van Dijk, talked to Gamereactor during Gamescom about Destiny's incoming expansion, The Taken King.

According to van Dijk the studio have worked hard to make the new content accessible to a variety of players: "The original goal for Destiny was to have an activity for every mood, and that sort of philosophy is still very much alive today, and still very much applies to all of the content in The Taken King."

As we discussed during the interview, the first game was unexpectedly divisive when it launched. Bungie's lead concept artist told us how they've learned lessons from the last twelve months:

"Over the course of year one we've learned a whole bunch of very valuable lessons, and with The Taken King we absolutely make it an effort to make sure that we applied all of those lessons to everything that is in there. So what I think what you'll find is that is everything in The Taken King is the evolved version of everything that came before it."

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IamTylerDurden11224d ago

The Taken King main antagonist Oryx (i think) looks pretty awesome.

The new enemy type seems cool, fully infused with darkness.

The dreadnought seems like a massive new area, the new abilities are fantastic. I hope they improve their storytelling in Taken King like they've promised, the only major problem with Destiny was lack of story.

Mr-Dude1224d ago

The story was not the only major problem.....

The severe lack of content was also a HUGE problem

Da One1222d ago

Why do you have disagrees

Mr-Dude1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

@ da one

Die hard fans with dirt in there eyes ^^

l33t_haxx0r1224d ago

the £40 price tag made me and everyone I know stop playing destiny, we went from 5 nights a week to 0 now. Such a shame.

Aenea1224d ago

What is wrong with the 40 <whatever currency> price tag when the smaller DLCs cost 20?

l33t_haxx0r1224d ago

It is mainly because, it is cheaper as Munky points out to buy the entire game and every other DLC again than to upgrade your current game to the taken king..

It is just a big slap in the face to long time destiny players.

SirBradders1224d ago

That's just the way it goes early adopters pay more to get it early. What you want bungie to do make new players pay full wack and piss more people off. Long time destiny fans get to jump straight into taken king whereas new players have to put the work in, that's what we have paid for.

Munky_Mafoo1224d ago

You can get Destiny, darkness below, house of wolves and taken king for 35 squid on Xbox1/ps4 :D

Not great if you already have all but TTK...

SolidGear31224d ago

This is why I waited for a definitive collection before I even considered getting into Destiny. Yay for me because I knew better from the start :3

Aenea1224d ago


If you really want to wait for a Definitive Edition of Destiny you might want to wait 9 more years! :D

Aenea1224d ago

So it's 5 quid cheaper if you get the Legendary Edition, honestly, that is a tad weird even for me.

35 quid to Euros is about €50 and TTK is €40 in the online store, the Legendary edition at webshops is around €51...

Anyhoo, I thought you found the price of this bigger DLC too expensive as compared to the smaller, previous, DLCs, hence that's why I wrote what I wrote.

Rhomiel1224d ago

Alright, so let me get this straight, you and your buddies enjoyed this game a lot and played 5 nights a week and then, because it is maybe 10-20$ more than you expected it to be, you will stop playing??? for 10$ ?? They sell the full game with all expansion for 80$ and I i'm fine with it because it's the right price for bringing more people in to play this great game. HoW was overpriced remashed stuff but TTK seems like big content update, if it is as they advertised. If you had played WoW before you'd know that bungie are not the first to charge for stuff...

l33t_haxx0r1224d ago

I played wow! The point I am making is, we all own digital, and to upgrade our accounts to the taken king is £40 + £20 for bonus shaders if we wanted, but if we was to go on amazon, we could buy the game and all 3 DLCs AND bonus shaders for £43...

If you cannot see the problem, you are blind.

Brownie19901224d ago

Do you not feel much better now its got its dirty, addictive little claws off you? I know I do. All praise Witcher 3 and Arkham knight!

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fOrlOnhOpe571224d ago

I don't think I've ever been so divided over whether to buy a game or not.
I can't deny having so much fun when I paid out the £85 for Destiny and it's dlc,even though it's never been the full SP experience that was promised. I didn't play Crucible or take part in raids but that was my choice.
I suppose it all comes down to trust in what Bungie are offering with TTK.Might wait till after launch this time round.

SirBradders1224d ago

I advise you to jump in the raids they are extremely fun at the beginning when you have never done them. Destinylfg or destiny tracker will get you a party pretty quick or add me up on ps4 I'll run you through it.

fOrlOnhOpe571224d ago

@ SirBradders
Thanks mate I appreciate the offer but I haven't played in a while - mainly due to being annoyed with Bungie not offering Optional Matchmaking rather than make players search LFG. Their choice at the end of the day and I'm not one to whine about it on the forums.
Im back playing Borderlands 2, which I've probably sunk 3 x the 800 hours I put into Destiny.
Shame really, Destiny is a cracking game. Just a pity I can't personally say the same about BungieVision.

fei-hung1224d ago

The only thing stopping me from buying this is not having a 6 man team for the raids. It's a shame as I enjoyed the game but being unable to play such a vital part of the game is a deal beaker

SirBradders1224d ago

Read my reply above bro it's easy to join groups through the destiny app where you'll get messages through it for raids etc... or destinylfg / destinytracker.

fei-hung1224d ago

Do you have to add people as friends onto your psn or does it work similar to matchmaking? I don't want to go through a longwinded process of:

1) using apps
2) finding people
3) adding them
4) setting times and dates

When with matchmaking I can just go into a Raid and it will put a team together.

SirBradders1224d ago

You can either use the website or bungie app I've used it and it's just a case of adding 6 people you don't necessarily need them on friends list you can invite them straight or you get invited takes few minutes and you got a team. The problem with matchmaking you could end up with randomers with pre defined teams you sorta know what your in for.

Rhomiel1224d ago

Hey, I've been trying to get my friends to play this game but we never ended up logging on the same nights and stuff, so I made new friends with or .net it's really easy finding a group or creating one I just usually start a party chat and invite people to it, then people can join my fireteam from the chat. I add people I enjoyed playing with in my friends list after that. Then like in realy life... you meet friends of friends and now everytime I log on I have 3-4 different group of people doing raids and sending me invite. And if none are on ( never happens ) you just make more friends.

fei-hung1224d ago

I'll give this a shot when I buy the game.