Speedrun: Oblivion beaten in 11 minutes

Destructoid writes: "How in the ... oh, right. I knew The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a glitchy game, but hot damn, this is insane.
Almost every speedrun out there involves some sort of exploit in order to shave off precious seconds of game time (or in this case, hours), and the Oblivion speedrun located above is no exception.
By falling through the map, the speedrunner is able to initiate the game's final quest, completely skipping all of those pesky fetch missions.
While the video has no sound due to its creator being cheap and using demo software, it's still one to sit through."

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yesah3643d ago

no way, gotta be a mod.

JsonHenry3643d ago

Well that was not fun. Cool. But no fun at all.


and play it for 11 minutes , people are retarded . I hate people who sits there and looks for glitches and all other types of cheating shenanigans to play a game .

mfwahwah3642d ago

You do realize he must have played this game for hours upon hours to find this glitch right?

riddlesticks3642d ago

just a side note...

but how did this video get approved!!

THAT IS NOT WHERE THE FEMUR GOES!!! WTF???? soo pissed off

LIKE HOW HARD IS IT i suppose the word femur is only Latin for thigh... but i guess this "wiseguy" missed the day they learnt that in Latin class.

I suggest Mr "Xevro" take a long hard look at himself.



ThanatosDMC3642d ago

The funny thing is... Oblivion does not end. The game keeps going.

He should just write "Main Quest beaten in 11 minutes".

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meepmoopmeep3643d ago

wish i had known how to do this. 10 hours of this game and you couldn't pay me to finish this game. trade in, quicker than this 11 mins.


makes me dizzy , anyone have a cure for FPS motion sickness .

Prismo_Fillusion3643d ago

There's a difference between a speed-run and cheating...

Kleptic3643d ago

aaahhh...yeah...but some official speed-run sites allow you to exploit any glitches still in the game...

Doom 2 is a great example...there are a few that shave only a few seconds off the time...its not part of a 'cheat' you enter, its just a glitch that iD never its ok to use it...

this isn't really a speed-run game though...if it wasn't for this bizarre would be a fairly long speed run...

P4KY B3643d ago

It would seem that my time is about 93:49:00 off the pace.

Massive-Delusion3643d ago

Epic Fail. It's not really genuine is it? He's using a glitch....

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The story is too old to be commented.