Endsights: 1942: Joint Strike Review (PSN)

Endsights writes:

"The advent of downloadable games has produced a veritable avalanche of arcade shooters. With two-stick, psychedelic shooters seemingly taking most of the space, Capcom's 1942: Joint Strike's top down, 2.5D approach feels surprisingly fresh. Fresh, however, can only get you so far."

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himdeel3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

...really is an old school platform shooter with a fresh coat of paint and an extra clean glossy finish. My thought is if you're over the age of 27~28 you'll really enjoy the nostalgia this game provides and will genuinely like playing the game.

Way back in the day this type of game was limited to the arcades but it was a game you wanted to play at home. While there were various console games that gave you a similar feel and game play style, few really brought that arcade level of excitement to your living room the way you had hoped. For me I'd find it hard to believe anyone under the age of 27 could truly appreciate this game but there might be a few out there...

Fluffy2Duffy3490d ago

Thats only on the US store, waiting for UK sore, i reallyenjoy playing that in my teen years, wel lets bring the memories back