GameSpy: Soul Calibur IV Review

Namco-Bandai's fighting game series is an established fan favorite, and Soulcalibur IV is no exception. Instead of narrowing down the focus to one perspective, GameSpy is combining the efforts of two brawling editors, Sterling McGarvey and Miguel Lopez, to critique the scope and depth of the sequel. Here's their take on how hotly its soul burns.

Just How High Caliber Is It?

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donator3705d ago

I'm not generally a fan of fighting games, but I love Soul Calibur 4. Although I really hate fighting the apprentice in the Arcade mode. It's not even remotely fun when his attacks can keep you face down in the floor, juggle you in the air, break half your grabs, dodge/evade your attacks, and does extra damage on top of all his regular attacks with force lightning.

Other than that, the game is great. I recommend it, even for people who generally do not like fighting games. Hildegard Von Krone is the best!

hay3705d ago

"Did you rike it?"

Broken street date eh? Some people still have some waiting to do...

ALItheWISE3705d ago

The apprintice is a b!tch to fight....

angel199x3704d ago

picking my copy up in several hrs when the shops open. who is that girl in the article pic?

RAM MAGNUMS3704d ago

hes like a combination of mitsurugi & sigfried.
I must conquer his moves set!
I love fighting games.

Can't wait for tekken 6! Soul caliber makes me miss it even more!
I'm the best ps3 fan!
make us some more ps3 games yay!