Microsoft’s Indie Darling Cuphead Shines on Xbox One in Five Adorable Minutes of Gameplay

Cuphead is absolutely adorable, especially due to its lovely visuals and cartoon-like animations.

The game is currently playable on the show floor at Gamescom, and DualShockers managed to grab some gameplay footage for your perusal.

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joab7771143d ago

This is crazy. The last 2 gens, I have bought a Playstation and then eventually a game comes along for Xbox that I have to play, so I buy one. Halo and Mass Effect were the previous games.

I've been watching and waiting this gen and nothing has peaked my attention...until now. This thing is a truely unique game. I love it.

Genuine-User1143d ago

It's among the most charming games. Day one.

4Sh0w1142d ago

I love the creativity of some of these indie games or when they just flat out make a fun game like Ori, Rocket League, and this Cuphead game.

timmyp531142d ago

This looks awesome. I hope it does well.

parentsbasement1143d ago

I'm old , I grew up on these cartoons , now , i get to go back and play them ? ...its a freaking time machine for me...

gobluesamg1143d ago

As a Playstation gamer, this game and perhaps Quantum Break are the games that make me envious.

1143d ago
Lionalliance1143d ago

I think its gonna be on steam too.

ScorpiusX1143d ago

Go for it , get you will regret nothing.

fitfox1143d ago

don't worry they'll prolly port it to ps4.

sammarshall1021142d ago

Cuphead and Ashen are actually console exclusives to Xbox One

javauns1143d ago

best buy selling a xbox n 40 inch samsung tv bundle for 400

DigitalRaptor1141d ago

Don't see it not coming to PS4. It should be on Steam within 6 months, regardless.

Looks great.

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The story is too old to be commented.