Unreal Engine 4 - Incredibly Detailed House Interior Demo Available For Download

CryZENx has released a new demo for Unreal Engine 4, based on a house interior.

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Mega241228d ago

I think we might be reaching photo realistic graphic engines in the next two years. That just looks beautiful.

mEGUSTO1228d ago

Ahhh, so young... so naive...

inveni01227d ago

I think he's saying that we'll always discern real from fake. Particularly when animations are involved. He's just being rude and coy about it.

captain_slow821228d ago

hmmm wonders how this will run on my old laptop clicks download why not lol

MWH1228d ago

just tried it, very nice.

DoctorFry1228d ago

Oh look, another boring tech demo to walk around in. It's cool seeing a glimpse into what can be achieved in the future, especially with high-end graphics cards, but these are getting redundant.

Haki11121228d ago

It's redundant to see how far we can push our tech? Most of the games we play today started out as a tech demo.

madworld1228d ago

OK it is amazing but when we will see those details in real games guys when!!!!!!!!? and believe or not that is not going to happened with PS4&X1 hardware just forget it guys maybe on PC who knows..

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