Hitman to be Released Digitally on Xbox One This December

IO Interactive have now clarified this confusion, confirming that on December 8th, players will be able to download the bulk of this new Hitman package digitally for $60/£49.99. The plan is to then for IO to continue expanding this base game over time with new missions, targets and locations at no extra cost to the player. That's right, any and all additional content will be absolutely free.

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TheGreatGamer1224d ago

Considering IO Interactive have said they expect to support this game for 3-4 years after launch with additional conent this sounds pretty good

XboxOneX1224d ago

This is amazing the way they are giving you additional content after the release.

The same with Rockstar and GTA V I know people complained about the heists being delayed but they did add a lot of free content for the GTA Online.

I just wish Bungie would have taken the same route with the Destiny DLC.

joab7771224d ago

I think they should have simply said it was a complete product tgat they are supporting for years. A sorta experiment or new model.

Because when you ask gamers to pay $60 and tell them they are getting 60% of a game that will roll out the rest at a later date, we get nervous.

Either that or charge $30 and then charge as ya go.

spunkee3111224d ago

I personally prefer a physical disc/case, so I will opt for that.

Takwin1224d ago

Will this game's release syste, be a stealth way to stop used game sales. It is the only reason I can see to do it this way. I prefer all AAA console games on disc so I can sell the majority of them on eBay. I only keep amazing games I will replay.

Antifan1224d ago

Cut out content
Release in segments
Digital only release
Full $60 price tag

Yep, avoid at all cost.

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