Metal Gear Solid 5: Snake Can't Swim, Story Mode Is Longer, FOB Needs PS Plus And Xbox Live Gold

Konami reveals new details for The Phantom Pain.

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Eamon1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Are you serious? FOB needs PS Plus?

Even Watch_Dogs had part of its multiplayer free. You can get invaded by other players as long as you had a PSN account and internet connection. Invading other games required a subscription.

This feature is supposed to be enhancing the single player experience with an online element. I understand if the competitive multiplayer i.e. Metal Gear Online requires a subscription, but not FOB.

XBLSkull1198d ago

I think maybe FOB and mother base are two different entities, maybe you are confusing them? I could be wrong.

breakpad1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

No swimming is a big con for the game an all terrain special-forces operator i would expect to include water environments (where he could submerge)...why KojimaPro doesnt include swimming in the latest games ?? (the character just goes FPS in water in MGS 3-4-) In MGS2 they made excellent job with the sink Platform was challenging -nice visuals and fun

morganfell1198d ago

There were not many areas in MGS4 where you could swim, but the feature was there and it worked very well. If this is also true for MP then that is a huge loss. Even older titles like SOCOM had swimming, and surfacing from underwater to take guys out was so much fun. Quite different from the BF take on waterborne ops.

breakpad1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

@morganfell ..ohh immortal MGO2 :( ...that game was just electronic coke .. hundreds hours in it

TheLordOfStuff1198d ago

the FOB isn't mother base, it's the 1v1 stealth MP base section

Ahytys1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

It's still a mode where two players can interact "face to face": that requires pretty good servers, and I'm quite sure Konami doesn't want to put any more money on this game than it already did, buying servers for that mode, that's probably why they'll use ps+/xbl servers instead

just_looken1198d ago

Also you can have it offline there for the need for psplus is not there.

Eamon1198d ago

@ XBLSkull and TheLordOfStuff
FOB and Mother Base are technically the same. When you expand Mother Base to a certain level, you have to create new bases and those can get invaded online. FOB is still available offline but of course without the invasions.

@ Ahytys
That's probably true. Considering how bollocks Konami has become lately, I can't see them spending money on a single server. The whole MGS5 budget issue was why Kojima is getting kicked from the company.

@ just_looken
Yeah you can, but the whole online invasion aspect to it looked amazing and is pretty much the whole point of FOB in the first place. Personally, I was looking forward to this more than Metal Gear Online.

Christopher1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

***FOB and Mother Base are technically the same. When you expand Mother Base to a certain level, you have to create new bases and those can get invaded online. FOB is still available offline but of course without the invasions. ***

This is not true. Mother Base can be expanded regardless of FOB. FOB is purely optional and can result in obtaining resources from other players while expanding in a different way other than MB. FOB offers no form of research or upgrading, just resource gathering.

Mother Base can grow to the sizes they mention in the video, meaning you'd need to drive/fly to one point or another. FOB is completely outside of that.

You don't need FOBs to resource gather, but it helps. But, it does mean you can get invaded and you will need to invade others to increase said resources. And, what is on FOB is not on MB and vice versa.

AlphaKennyOne1198d ago

This article makes me so glad I switched to PC.

ault011198d ago

Who doesn't have PS Plus? If you don't you are not truely utilizing the potential of ps4. And don't tell me some people can't afford it. It's only 4.17 a month providing you purchase the 12 month subscription. Learn how to budget properly and don't bitch about functionality of a game that requires PS Plus. In my opinion every game should require plus simply because of updates.

Eamon1198d ago

Loads of people don't have it. Probably because they don't play online too often like me. If I really want to get play a game online, I usually get it on PC, like GTA5. This is now making me reconsider cancelling my preorder for PS4.

Your point about budget is moot. Nobody is talking about affording it or not.

OB1Biker1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Im guessing..... if people dont have PS+ they are not specially keen on playing online anyway.
So... I dont really see where the problem is if they need PS+ to play online pvp for this game honestly. Well I think PS+ is well worth it for the free games alone anyway so that s my point of view.
Im a bit disappointed if he cant swim though

Irishguy951198d ago

Ya just gotta buy it for the month you wanna play do MGS5 on. Its a bitch but its the only option hah

smashman981198d ago

And are you seriously complaining about an online feature needing a sub. It was made clear before this gen started and just because some devs allow doesn't mean all will. On the other hand there's always pc if subs are too dumb for you

showtimefolks1197d ago

sorry for asking a noon question but does one have to play to play FOB even if I am a single player gamer?

requiring a psn or Xbox live shouldn't be a deal breaker , look if you are a core game most likely you have it already. and it's not like this is the first game to require either to play online

smashman981197d ago

nope its a totally ignorable feature although you can play that fob in single player minus the invasions so its still probably worth checking out

One-Shot1197d ago

I donno why you wouldn't have ps+ anyway.

Eamon1197d ago

It may come across to you as hard to believe, but some of us don't have the time to play a lot of videogames or only have interest in 1-2 games with multiplayers. So paying PS+ doesn't seem worth it.

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Clown_Syndr0me1198d ago

He can't swim? Hopefully he just doesn't enter water...I don't want to just drown like the Vice City days.
Whenever I see games with Micro transactions I'm tempted to wait until theyre in the bargain bin so I don't have to pay more than the retail price to experience the game properly.

nX1198d ago

I'm pretty sure you can experience MGS5 properly on launch day as well, it's still a Kojima game.

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ryuuzakibjorn1198d ago

@NinjaMime - Oh Hi, Konami.

Summons751198d ago

I can't take it! I can't take the wait anymore!!!! This so far looks like it has GOTY locked, though it's still anyones game with Fallout 4 also coming this year.

nowitzki20041198d ago

And also Witcher 3 will be hard to dethrone from that spot.. Great gaming year.

lex-10201198d ago

I think Witcher 3 has it for RPG but not overall given everyone's problems with framerates and patches=

nowitzki20041198d ago


I game on PC so dont have FPS problems, and I liked the patching of Witcher 3. It was all fixed really quickly. Thats gaming today, I wont be surprised if MGSV needs has problems and I guarantee it will need patching prob day 1, and you can almost certainly expect it from Fallout 4.

If you look at it like that then Bloodborne is GOTY because so far out of the major releases its the one that had the least problems.

Summons751198d ago

I loved the Witcher 3 but it's definitely not overall GOTY, maybe it has a shot at securing RPG GOTY.

FrostXVenom1198d ago

Its gonna be awesome,but cant be GOTY winner as there are many strong contenders like Witcher 3,Fallout 4,Batman AK.

TheLordOfStuff1198d ago

Personally I would say the 2 real contenders for GOTY would be MGSV and Fallout 4

Cernunnos1198d ago

And Witcher 3 for sure.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1198d ago

If witcher 3 isn't on your list, then you have not played w3 significantly. I hate most WRPG's, but that game is awesome.

SlightlyRetarted1198d ago

Bloodborne guys, fricking Bloodborne.

Jerry Seinfeld1195d ago


I loved Bloodborne, but it felt like it was missing a lot of content and didn't have the same staying power of the other souls games. I have personally spent 500-700 hours on each souls game, but became bored after 300 hours in BB. Great game, but I feel the Witcher can give it a run for its money. And I am hoping that MGSV will take the lead by a mile. I am a huge MGS fan!

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HiddenMission1198d ago

The witcher 3 mechanics are garbage...I spent 20 hours on it and they never improved. Sexy game with great story but shitty controls.

Batman has good controls, sexy graphics and strong story. The weakest part is there are no real boss fights...felt like big step back for the series in my opinion.

Fallout 4 and MGSV are the only GOTY contenders in my opinion. Ground Zeroes gave us a taste and was amazing so with everything else shown for MGSV it will be close.

Knowing western press they'll give GOTY to fallout 4 no matter if it has issues...just look back to Skyrim.

My personal opinion quality with qty is more important than sheer buggy volume. Every Todd Howard games is riddled with bugs but western press don't care because of all the stuff you can do even though very rarely are those experiences fully polished/refined.

Kojima on the other hand really cares about quality of build.

WellyUK1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

2 games you haven't played are contenders? at the moment they are nothing but potential they could both be crap...

nowitzki20041198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Do you see the variety of enemies/bosses in Witcher 3? Im used to the controls and they work amazing for me.

"I spent 20 hours on it and they never improved"
Maybe you are the problem? Dont see how controls will improve as you play, you are supposed to improve.

lex-10201198d ago

You do realize western press like IGN gave Portal 2 GOTY over Skyrim right, and Spike TV gave Bioshock GOTY over MGS4.

FrostXVenom1198d ago

What the witcher 3 garbage,what do you expect from a Role Playing Game,combat like bloodorne or DMC.They have improved much from its predecessors.

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