The 21 Video Games of VICE’s Lifetime That You Really Should Have Played

VICE: "Now, you might not know this, but VICE was founded in 1994. A lot of video games have come out since then. Shit loads. Most of them have been okay, tolerable, even decent in places; and some of them have been irredeemably shit. Others, a select few, have been indispensible, the games that everyone should have played. And because VICE is 21, here are 21 of those games, presented in no particular order, based on several weeks of conversations with VICE Gaming contributors and the in-house editorial team, tweets from readers, and real headaches. Maybe you've played a bunch of them and this is a nice nostalgic kick for you. Maybe you've not played a single one. But I'm going to keep this short, and let your own curiosity carry you into deeper discovery."

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