14 Years Later: How Much Praise Does Final Fantasy X Deserve?

Pixel Attack: "Fourteen years ago, it wasn’t common for games to have FAQs or “tips and tricks” websites online. In fact, it wasn’t common to have full access to the internet at all. So, imagine picking up Final Fantasy X for the first time as a ten-year-old kid, and hitting one of the many walls that stopped a lot players in their tracks.

I remember the difficulty of Final Fantasy X being a huge deal: there were TV programs on how to beat it and gaming magazines dedicated entire sections to boss strategies and item collection. Strategy guides were out the door as soon as they arrived in stores.

I was one of the many who hit a wall trying to defeat one of the alleged ‘super bosses’ to no avail. Yet, Final Fantasy X persevered despite this."

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Clown_Syndr0me1195d ago

Ffx had fantastic characters, an engaging and emotional storyline as well as great gameplay and soundtrack.
One of my all time favourites and will some day revisit Spira on my PS4.

pivotplease1195d ago

Yeah it had one of the best worlds, stories, and soundtracks of the franchise. It also reached passive turn-based perfection while offering up a solid amount of side content (more than most FFs except IX and maybe another). Looking back, the game is painfully linear at times and nthe story doesn't have the same impact, yet its still an RPG masterpiece and the best FF to grace the PS2 by far obviously.

3-4-51195d ago

* I still need to get this for Vita. I have such a huge backlog of RPGs and other games though that it would be a year or so before I played it.

Still need to though so I can finally say I've played through a FF game....but mainly so I can listen to that beautiful music.

Music definitely helps me enjoy a game more.

* What are the annoying features of this game that could be a turn off to those who've never played a FF game before ?

( I played FF7 through Midgard, but never any further & I played FF11 for like 2 months)

Clown_Syndr0me1195d ago

Erm, the main protagonists laugh is ridiculous and the female lead Yuna looks kind of like a Koala bear. Apart from that its awesome ;)

Magicite1195d ago

It was quite linear and turn-based combat isn't popular anymore, but other than that, superb game.

VerdicLinwe1195d ago

It was a ridiculously awful game, with an awful story, and a more awful cast of characters.
That link rests my case.

The fact a remaster sold what it did makes me want to vomit inside. Final Fantasy X is what started the spiral in quality for Square Enix, and we are still paying for it today with the horrid Final Fantasy XIII trilogy of games.

Greyfoxdbz1195d ago

You can't rest your case here. You aren't presenting facts because it is subjective. Lots of people love FF10 and have good reasons for it. I'm not a fan of the 13 trilogy but i know people who really like them, and that is up to them.

Clown_Syndr0me1195d ago

I freaking love FFX but that link...lmao! Some of the voice acting is truly awful and scenes like that are cringeworthy.

Ezz20131195d ago

So you post a video about someone else opinion
as some sort of fact ?!

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Spotie1195d ago

Rikku is all the Final Fantasy I need.

ZaWarudo1195d ago

FFX had an awful cast and the worst FF protag.

But the gameplay and music kept me playing.

pivotplease1195d ago

Still better cast than XII. At least the characters felt like interesting three dimensional individuals whereas XII everyone was a piece of cardboard/potato with the exception of Balthier. Every character also had a solid backstory and Tidus' character development wholly redeemed him.

Magicite1195d ago

It had better cast than majority of RPG games.

Baka-akaB1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I like the gameplay of FFX , but still dont like at all the characters and story . The few i had an affinity with based on the art and their "cool factor" , namely Auron , Lulu and Kimahri , ended being incredibly lame in my view .

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